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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tagged by Sentot..

Aikkk.. kene tag lagi? Well, here goes..

Five things in my bag

1. My pink purse (People always wonder why I chose pink as the colour for my purse *this is the 2nd pink purse I've used*. Heck! I used to wonder myself why people would choose pink so really, I don't actually know why I chose pink hehe..)

2. My PINK phone. Yup, my NEW phone hahaha.. as opposed to my old blue Nokia 2100 that has always been the object of ridicule for abg Fadzil, Choong, Remy, Ramadhan.. basically all my buddies in the post-grad room. Though abg Fadzil and Remy's phone are just adik-beradik of my monocolour/monophonic phone, but mine was the worst because the battery is gelong too hehe..

3. My pencil box.. full with pens, pencils and stationery I don't actually use that much!

4. My calculator. Hmm, I used to be called Ayu calculator in school since I always had my calculator in my pocket. I had shaken off that habit during my undergraduate years but I guess old habits die hard, eh?

5. My cute kitty pouch. My kakaks had given it to me along with a matching sling bag on my 25th birthday (or was it 24th?) and I now use it for my pressed powder, lipstick and lipgloss as well as a sanitary pad (for emergencies la!)

Five things inside my wallet

1. My I/C (800325 07 5496) <--why the hell did I type that?

2. My driving license which has a picture of me at 22 looking like a 16-year-old haha..

3. My Bonuslink card.. you never know when or where you could collect points :p

4. What I love to call my duit selit² which I fold neatly and put it around the purse that sometime amount to more than RM100

5. Sabir's matrics cards (Hahaha.. only those who know the story would know who he is and why his card is with me heheheheh..)

Five things in my favourite room (Which is my bedroom, the ONLY room I 'own' in my rented house hoho..)

1. My collection of cushions and soft toys which I mostly shove off the bed when I wanna go to sleep now.

2. My Mac which I could no longer use. Adi tried to look into it but I guess its beyong repair now *sigh*

3. Each and every gift/card my friends and family have ever given me. Ohhhh, tak berani tinggal kat umah Penang, ilang nanti Ayu nangis tak berenti :)

4. A whole lot of those coloured and cute cardboard boxes you can buy and assemble with all sorts of things in them.

5. Save the best for last: My book collection, of course!

Five things I would like to do

1. Does 'trying to forget what I guess I'm supposed to forget' count? :'(

2. Try to finish puasa nam and puasa ganti in Syawal

3. Give my Atos a full service (and change the tyres too). I didn't go to the workshop for nearly 6 months but my dear car never complained.. waaaa, no wonder I love it!

4. Buy Adi and Ikram something for Raya. They've always helped me whenever I'm stuck, wish I could do something for them..

5. Smile without feeling as if its something I HAVE to do.. :(

*updated*I'd also like to find my missing watch. I've searched everywhere for it and it kinda has a sentimental value for me.. I just dunno where its gone to :'(

Five things I'm currently on

1. Writing my Raya cards ASAP

2. TRYING VERY HARD (really!!!) to START doing my PhD proposal hahahaha..

3. Learning more about my phone.. while being a 'perak' in the process. When I put 'In perak mode' in my YM status, Ashraf innocently asked me, "Kak Ayu kan ke memang orang Perak (Darul Ridzuan)?" Hahaha.. aparaaaa Ashraf!! Hehe..

4. Reorganizing my cube. Hey! If I'm gonna stay here another 2-3 years or so, I'd better make myself comfy, huh?

5. Giving pep talks to myself everyday on.. well.. on something :( Go, go, go Ayu!!! Hehe..

Five people I'm gonna tag.. Baizurah sgt tak aci. I'm the one usually tagging people but since this time she's the first one to tag, she's taken most of my 'victims'. *sigh*

1. Pojie

2. Amer

3. Yuhyi.. even though ALL THREE haven't even done the previous tag

4. Good ol' Ayeen.. who'd do this tag ASAP.. won't you dear?

5. Jidaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. since your blog is actually alive and breathing now :)

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