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Friday, September 07, 2007

The 'rojak' entry

...dream... makes us feel better... and lying to ourself is more easy than to other but it's a deeper wound than u know... being lied in the face when u know its a lie but pretending nothing happens... or lying to someone when she or he knows you're lying... which is deeper?

Read that in Adi's blog. I felt a tug at my heartstrings when I went through those words.. Ishhh, Ayu being sentimental haha.. Must've struck a nerve somewhere..

Adi, must you make me cry in the early hours of the morning?


This morning I went to buy some nasik lemak kuning. Its been a long time since I last went there and I was suprised to see that they have extended their shop just a bit.. to accomodate their 'herds' of customers la kot hehe.. and I was also suprised when the adik and pak cik there still remembered me..


Abg Fadzil told me, he finally DID sing that Lelaki Ini song to kak Nor ahahah.. and kak Nor told him he was a romantic :D Huhu, orang dah lame kawen, tapi still cam baru bercinta.. chumel!!!


Ooohhh, did you guys hear about this girl's phone?

Its an ancient phone she's been using since 2003, I think. the phone's been giving her problems but she hasn't given up on it (Come to think of it, she seldom's give's up on things that she REALLY should, anyway :( )

Anyway, a few days ago, when a friend had called her, she noticed once again the screen on the phone 'vanished'. Sighing, she just picked up the phone which was luckily NOT from someone she didn't actually wanna talk to hahah.. then as the call ended, her phone was stuck.. you know, like when you computer hangs? Well, THAT's what happened to her phone?


When she managed to switch it back on, the key pad were not working properly at all.

Double s***!!!

Yeah², I know.. I can hear someone saying, "I know you're talking bout your own phone!" Hahah..

Yup, my phone is trying to send signs to its owner to make her understand that it wants to retire.. but then I'm pretending to not understand haha.. But sheesh, its so hard to deal with a phone like this. I mean, it'll work for a couple of hours, then mogok again where I can't use it for texting messages or anything..

Went home a couple of days ago and told Ikram and Mama of my plight and they gave me the obvious solution: Buy a new phone! Thats not to mention what my fellow friend here tell me to do haha.. but I'm broke la *sobs*

Then, what do you know: This morning, Mama otw to Tangkak came to my house. Along with her was Iskandar who was waving one of his phones (Yeah, my brother who's 15 owns more phones now than I ever did in my whole lifetime!). When I asked what did he mean by doing that, he promptly took my aging phone and transferred my entire phonebook into his unused phone before handing me his phone..

Ayat dia: Ndar sian tengok phone kak Yong!


Then, Mama told me, Ikram had resolved, for his next pay check, he's gonna buy me a new phone. And not just any phone, but the phone he knows I've been eyeing for quite a while (more like nearly a year now hahah..) He's always been asking WHEN am I finally gonna buy the phone anyway and even calls it phone Mr Bean as he had seen the phone on the recent Mr Bean movie which the French actress was using.

Of course la I declined! Not only do I think the phone is too expensive for him to buy for me (more than RM1k IS expensive for me!!!) but also sangat malu laaaa hahah.. I'm 6 years older than him la, I should be the one buying HIM phones hehe..

But like Mama said, thats his way of showing how much he loves me and if I don't go and buy a new phone quickly, I should expect him to buy it for me already with his next pay check..

What she meant: Pegi la beli cepat² klau kesian kat adik tu!!!! Hehehe..

Double and triple and quadruple ADEH~~

I only have half the price of the phone in my 'tabung tepon kak Yong'! Hmm, maybe I should jual kuih pagi² to top it up heheh.. (Pandai ke wat kuih, Ayu?)

P/S Iskandar's phone is very 'unfriendly'.. sakit jari nak text sms. But don't tell him, or he'll think I don't appreciate his help huhu..

Ohhh my brothers.. I love you guys too :)


Erwan told me some updates on the allowance for postgraduates. It seems that the allowances are being raised. From RM 1300 to RM 1500 for M.Sc and RM1500 to RM1800 for PhD candidates..

To someone who has never had a real pay check (my RO period tu tak kire), THATs a lot. Leh wat macam² tu and for Erwan, he's glad as he wants to get married with his girlfriend as soon as possible..

Hmm, wonder what I would do with that extra money???

*Suare hati yg sedo diri: You should start saving balik la, silly girl! Your account yang dulu simpan tu dah nearly nil ape???*


Oh ye.. yesterday when coming back from tuition, I noticed a lizard just right outta the car at my door.

It was looking at me intently as if asking me to drive slowly as it was hanging on to its dear life at my door. But then..

If there's something else I hate as much as I hate frogs, its lizards! Especially since an incident when I was a wee girl of 7 or 8. I had worn my favourite blue dress and Mama had asked me to take the trash out. As I closed the lid on the large bin outside our home, I looked down and saw a lizard clinging to my dress right on my chest looking up at me. I screamed all the way inside the house before throwing the dress of me..

I never wore that dress again..

But back to the present day.. when I arrived at home, I tried my best to knock from the inside of my car to try to shoo it away from the door. I didn't want it coming INSIDE the car, did I? But the lizard was as stubborn as Iskandar haha.. I had to climb outta my car through the passenger door and try to shoo the lizard away with a roll of paper.. very LONG roll of paper!

Aaaahhh, why can't those creatures leave me alone? :( <--Ayu sounds stupid here heheh..

And last but not least: I have a new housemate!!!

Not that I was looking anyway. Truth is, I had thought that I was better off staying alone. I'm sick of housemates who make me annoyed haha.. I never talked about it before coz they were still my housemates, but could you believe one of them taking away my precious potato peeler (those who know me, KNOW I'm a potato freak hehe..) and some knives.. and some forks and spoons.. aiyak! Tu pun nak amik ke? Sangat tak paham.. thats not to mention other missing things..

Thats why I wanted to stay alone. At least Mama or anyone in my family can come whenever they want to.. even Ikram or Iskandar can come spend the night if I'm staying alone. I had already converted the middle room into a guest room and was planning to convert the third room into my library. Besides, staying alone means I can go dancing butt naked throughout the house while putting the radio on full blast haha.. NOT that I do it laaaaa.. just to show how 'private' being alone could be.. I mean, I'd be free! Hahah.. I don't have to think of anyone besides ME, ME, ME! (Now I sound like Syuhada's blog hehe..)..

You see, having a housemate would mean having my privacy invaded hape..

Anyway, this girl is my junior but I just got to know her a few weeks ago as Dgon's friend. She told me she couldn't find a house and asked if I still wanted to find a housemate (I had asked around, at first, when my previous housemate left..). Seeing that she couldn't possibly find another house in the short period of time (she only had a few more days to stay in her previous house), I guess I just agreed. Besides, she looked decent enough :)

So I've had a housemate for almost a week now.. hmm, ok la! Just hope she thinks I'M ok too la hehe.. I'd hate it if she doesn't like me.. kan..


Yikes! I havent prayed yet!!!

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