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Monday, September 24, 2007

*contented sigh* & drums in my head


Its been days since I last felt at least this bit of contented. Since last week, it has felt as if I' m in a lost world.. lonely and dark. The reason: I don't have my pc with me!!!

Last week, I came to school full of hopes of being able to start on my proposal and papers (Tipu!!! Niat nak main game dulu tu..). As usual, when I get into my cube, I switch on the pc first before putting down/arranging my bags on the seat beside me. Usually, by the time I turn around, my pc is already on. However, on that particular day, I was met with a blank screen..

Aik.. ingat dah switch on..

So I switched it on again only to find out something wrong with my pc which refused to be switched on. Asking abg Fadzil for help, he suggested I call Hurman and that was what I did. Hurman then godek² my pc whilst I had to help this final year student with her thesis. Around half an hour later, after Hurman had tried all the tricks in his trade, he concluded that I had to replace the power supply.. and since the one at school was too big for my cpu, I had to send it to the shops outside of USM.. sheesh!!!

I had already seen Hurman try to replace mine with the one in school and it only took him 5 minutes. However, I had to leave my cpu at the shop itself and I knew it was gonna take days.. uwaaaaaa!!!

For days I wandered around aimlessly <--Ayu exaggerating hahah..

Anyway, I just got my pc back today.. yeay!!! Wanted to do a 'Welcome back' party complete with banners, balloons and food, but since its Ramadhan, I just welcomed it back with a cleaner desk (gile byk habuk bawah pc tu selame ni..) hehe..


This morning, I had this splitting headache that I definitely don't wanna experience again. Have you ever seen cartoons with natives banging large drums? Well, I felt as if I had a group of them in my head.. and not only that, they also had other drum beaters banging on THEIR respective drums ala dragon boat drums style, giving encouragement for those natives to bang even louder! I could even imagine someone doing the tarian naga in my head to the beat of those drums.. and its was a very energetic tarian naga there..

Okay, my imagination is getting the better of me here..

Still, it hurt like h***! When I went to take my wudhu' this morning, the bathroom felt like it was swaying and by the time I wanted to raise my head, it felt as heavy as lead :(

It didn't help that I haven't had enough sleep throughout the weekend. I mean, tossing and turning but eventually going to sleep (even if its at 3am) is soooo much different than staring at the ceiling without being able to sleep at all right till sahur. I managed a few winks while waiting for Subuh for those three days (including this morning la..) but thats about it..

No wonder my head hurts like mad!!

And I was starting to regret my decision to never counsume any panadols or pain killers when the rain suddenly came down very lebat la around 6.10am. The noise kinda was in rythm with the beating of drums in my head.. though it just hurt much more, it was kinda therapeutic..

Gasp!!! Look at Ayu.. me thinks she's already lost it!!!!

Haha.. anyway, luckily right now, the headache has gone away for quite awhile. Still, that doesn't account for another 'headache' I'm having right now regarding something I'm trying to 'repair'..

Well, wish me luck guys.. and pray that I'll get to sleep tonight, will ya?

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