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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bangun lambat!!!!

As I was lamenting yesterday, the night before I couldn't sleep at all, resulting me in going to school at the wee hours of the morning (7am still considered 'wee hours' ke?)

Then, arriving at school, I just remembered I had promised Farah to help her in her lab.. and I made the mistake of wearing a silk baju kurung.. adeh! Still, a promise is a promise. Uhhhh, no wonder Farah needs help, doing a reseach in concrete technology isn't exactly my cup of tea. Her blocks weighed around 13kg each and we had to haul them around the lab on both floors.. Gimme a traffic cont under the scorching sun anyday!

So naturally, last night I was VERY tired. I must've hopped into bed around 11pm.. Nope, make that 12am. I had called Adi first..

And I had a most peaceful sleep in a very long time..

So peaceful that I didn't wake up at the sound of the alarm at sahur..

And even when a friend had sent an sms (and believe me, Iskandar's phone has the most boisterously noisy tone for a received sms!!!), I still didn't wake up.. sheesh!!! And I was counting on those sounds to wake me up.. uwaaaaaaa!!!

I only woke up at 7.35am..

Ohhhh.. lapoooo!!!!

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