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Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Haha" moments for me

Yesterday, in the middle of the night (I'm suspecting she was on call during that time), As had sent me a new year's sms.

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore.. and who always will. So don't worry about people from your past. There's a reason they didn't make it to your future.."

Ade la other parts of the message yang kurang penting yg sudah omitted. When I received that message, I was half asleep so I just read through it, didn't even realize it was from As. But then last night, after coming home from the movies with a friend, I sat on my bed replying an sms from my student when I remembered As's sms.

Reading it again, I went, "Whoaaa, thats deep.."

And for a while, it got me thinking. Made me smile a bit, even made me blink back a few tears when some memories just washed over me, staggering me a bit. Faces from the past then came rushing through me: some as vivid as they were sitting right on the bed with me, others like the passing of a fog.

I realized, everyone who had made their way in my life, no matter how long, left an impact in me. Made me a better person, taught me so many of life's lessons. Helped me when I couldn't stand, trusted me when I thought I was useless, shared their happiness and sorrow, held my hand when things seemed so bleak, cried with joy whenever I was happy.. and I realized, no matter what I felt about them at one time or another in certain points of my life, I love them!

So I replied to As, a token of appreciation for reminding me about this: "As, happy new year jugak utk awk :) 29 dah kite tahun ni As. 16 tahun dah sy kenal awk.. Thx ye jadi kawan sy! :) Rindu la kat korg sumer :("

Feeling happy about myself, knowing she'd understand, I was about swing my phone shut when an sms came in..

From As: "Awat hang sentimental sangat ni, Ayu? Thanx jugak sebab hang selalu ingat kat aku.. Happy new year tau :) "

Notice which part of the reply was the one I noticed? Cehh.. ditanye plak 'awat Ayu sentimental?'.. ciss..

And though she replied again after that saying, "Jangan la sentimental, aku sebenarnye sebak ni tadi.." bubble had been burst! Huh! Nyampah ngan As ni :p


Just got an sms from Hamdi, my student in Pt Buntar a.k.a Zul's (my colleague.. btw, happy birthday to Zul n wife. Lucky him, they share the same birthday!) nephew. He told me, "Rindu la nak gi tuition. Duk rumah ngantuk.. klau tuition tak ngantuk sbb dok dengar org jerit²!"

Ayu konpius, but felt something familiar here.. just couldn't put my finger on it.

When I asked him, he replied: "Klau tak skrg ni cikgu mesti tengah jerit² atau tengah bg cake atau nyorok belakang pintu atau tengah minum Nescafe.. atau ape² lagi laaa.."

He even once asked me when I told him I was doing my PhD mainly coz I couldn't find a job, "Kenape cikgu tak jadi askar?" Konpius lagik.. until he said, "Cikgu nye sore kan kuat haha.."

Aik.. hahah.. sejak bile I have a reputation of screaming/screeching/whatever else yang berkaitan?

Then I remembered, Zarul (another student) calls me a 'skuad leader' while this group of students who were talking at the back while I was teaching last year once said, "Cikgu, cikgu jangan la jerit kuat sangat. Kitorang janji, tak sembang dah pasni.. asalkan cikgu tak kuat sangat cam tadi.."

Erkk.. looks like another item on my new years resolution list: Pelan kan volume hehe..


Another item: brush up on my loghat Penang!

I thought I was doing well. But a few days ago while going out with Bart, we had gone to McDs and I was eating the prosperity burger. After finishing up the burger, my hands were smeared with the black pepper sauce so I went to wash my hands before finishing up the fries.

Bart: Ayu, awat basuh tangan? Kan nak makan lagi..
Ayu: Ni haa, tangan saya tadi.. ape ni.. haaa, berselemuih!
Bart: *gelak terkekek² sambil pegang perut*

Ayu ngange jap..

Ayu: Bart, saya still salah sebut ek perkataan tu?
Bart:*lum abis gelak*


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