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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not now..


Not now, especially not now. Not when I just made up my mind to be a better one.. its barely the new year and yet I'm already eating my words on a promise I recently made.

Don't complicate things! Don't tangle me up in YOUR web.. don't make me hate and loathe you.. especially when I just got what I wanted. Don't turn me into a monster. Don't spread your negativity to others, I have my own negativity to battle with so don't add yourself up in my list.

Just because you think you'll always be seen as the victim, don't turn everything into a drama. I've got my own soap opera I have to go through everyday so DON'T force me to be part of yours. I don't have the patience for all that. There's only room for ONE drama queen in everyone's life, don't be my second!

I can't ask you to leave me alone. Its not my place to do that.. but please don't do this to me. You're free to do what you want to do so don't complicate it. Don't involve other people, don't turn a simple thing into a big problem.. just don't!

I don't wanna hate you.. heck! I'm trying to shorten my "I hate" list even as I'm typing so don't let me start the new year with a new addition the the list I've been trying to eliminate. Don't make me question your actions.. don't make me suspicious of you. It'll be bad for me.. and will be worse for you in the long run..

..just don't turn me into a bad person!

I'm doing a good job of that pretty much on my own so DON'T be another catalyst for it..

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