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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cikgu Ayu senyum lagi..

This morning I taught Cikgu Thiru's form 3 class as he had a whole week course somewhere. His Monday to Wednesday class was taken by another teacher so I was only asked to take his Thursday class.

Actually, I don't think I taught much, just showed them how to find the median when the set of data is in a table.. yup, simple for most of us, kan, but maybe diorg ni konpius skit je. Baru blaja kaaannn..

Towards the end of the class..

Student: "Cikgu, cikgu ajar sekolah mane?"

I usually hate answering this question as it makes me feel like I'm a fake teacher.. as opposed to their real teachers!

Me: "Kenape nak tau?"

Student: "Kami nak pindah sekolah cikgu lah.. bes!"

Hahahah.. dan Ayu tersenyum sorang² lagi heheh..

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