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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pening²..! Tp sengih tu sengih la jugak :p

Manyak nye keje..

Malas plak tu..

Next year plak I have class everyday (bully tul!)..

Ok, ok.. haha, I'm not actually complaining pasal my class.. but if they could just relieve me from teaching form 1 and form 2 this year, kan bes..

Nanti malam dah tak free.. camne nak berpoya² :p Hehe.. berpoye aje Ayu ni hehe.. But seriously, nanti tak leh nak buat 'secret mission' dah ni.. *wink²* Not that sekarang ni selalu buat pun, memasing bz kaaaann..

Nak kate tension, idak la tension sgt pun.. tension sbb malas je.. nanti takde progress for my PhD, camne nak jadik contoh ni? (Actually, ade sedikit terharu when some of my students tell me they wanna be me.. adeh! I'm NOT a good example, camne nih?)

Other than that.. something made me smile a few days ago :) Lame dah tak senyum sensorg cam tu haha.. left me in a good mood w/pun terpakse stay up jap malam tu marking my students punye work. My student smsed me around 1am and almost told him about it haha.. ohhh, bahaye! Mampus nanti kene perli ngan bebudak nanti.. (And nope Baizurah, this isn't related to my 'syndrome' haha.. more like MNF-related hahah.. :p)

And yup, the 'incident' smlm tu pun made me smile la jugak haha.. But for totally different reasons la kan! Thank God I have supportive friends who pull me back on the ground bile I dah melalut cam semalam haha.. Love all of you --> Bai, Bart n Mak Su! Layan je ekkkk heheh..

Okay, sebenarnye I dunno what I'm writing down here, bahaye ni bile dok sengih sensorg. USM ni bukan besar sgt pun nak sorok ape² haha.. So pen-off for now! Nak tunggu Asar, solat then go to class.. the class from Hell.. well, almost la, most of them are angelic, but the devils are more prominant


*perempuan emo haha..*

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