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Monday, December 29, 2008

This and that..

Bz la kunun Ayu ni haha.. sempat lagi meng'update' blog :p

I'm actually trying to finish off a paper I did regarding my MSc, ingat in a few days I want Leong to check it. Startnye dah lame dah tp tak abis² lagik huhu.. sungguh lembap ini orang :D

Anyway, just wanted to share a few tidbits, ups and downs and whatever you could put in those categories :) (As if la orang interested kaaaan haha..)


A student of mine got hold of my number. Didn't actually care much about it except the part where he refused to tell me who he was. Ek elehh..

It wasn't as if he was sending me messages I'm not comfortable with, in fact, I really like him. Punye la banyak soalan dia nak tanye, the kind of student of every teacher dreams of hehe.. its just that, I felt weird teaching someone 'invisible'.

He kept avoiding my question on who he was and when he refused to answer, lagi la my curiosity rocketed up to the sky la kan. Punye la susah nak bgtau name dia. He kept replying, "Sy malu la cikgu.." Haha, malu ke bende, takde idung ek?

I kept telling him I won't teach him unless I knew who he was but in the end of course la I 'succumbed' and just taught him how to answer the questions.. huh, degil sungguh student ku ini!

Then one day, when he smsed me asking a question, I told him, "Awk takmo jwb soklan sy, sy pun takmo jwb soklan awak.. so jwb dulu, baru sy ajo.. klau tak, tunggu kelas esok je!"

I got this as the reply (spelling included): "Sy asal Sg Buluh.. Ada 4 sibling, sy ada ayah n mak.. Ayah n mak sy bek tau.. sy cuti g 2sen.. ambik math.. ckgu sy Nurikhwani Idayu.. dia bek tau..dia nk tlg sy b4 SPM.. smlm tlg.. Alhamdulilah buka gak ati dia.. tp arini.. aduh sedih la.. ckgu sy ni ske Nescafe.. k sy da jwb dah.. ckgu jwb soklan sy pulok :D"

..which left me laughing! Ciss, ngelak nak jawab jugok tu. Siap ade ayat simpati yg tak tahan tu haha.. and yes, I DID help him that night haha.. and yes jugak, I now know who he is :)


Went back home kan aritu and went out with Mama, Umi, Izati, Annisa and Irfan.

You see, most people know how annoying I am when I drive. Suke sangat nyanyi, macam la sore sedap hehe.. So once upon a time ago, while taking Annisa for a drive, as usual la, I sang. Know what she did?

She closed my mouth with her small hands saying, "Kak Yong jangan la nyanyi.." while frowning! Ciss, ampeh je budak kecik tu.. Izati punye gelak guling² cakap, "Budak kecik pun tau sore kak Yong tak sedap.." Haha..

Then, mase kuar with my family, Izati had switched on some songs on her phone and though I wasn't driving, dok nyanyi gak la with her. This time, Annisa ignored me. Bosan kot dia, kak Yong dia ni asyik tak paham bahase..

But then I felt some eye 'boring' into me and when I looked around for the 'source', I found Irfan frowning at me.. Aik?!?!

When I stopped singing, he smiled.. and when I started singing again, he just started frowning again.. Izati ape lagi, mule la gelak tak benti.. nyampah tul la ngan budak² ni :p

Last night pulak, I was reading one of the books I had just bought.. "Goodnight Beautiful". Still halfway through but I like it though its kinda 'sedey' for me.

Before I fell asleep, I came across this chapter where the Mal was telling Nova (the surrogate mother of his and Steph's child) Goodnight beautiful.. So when I put the book back on my shelf, mule la berangan, "Sape la nak cakap camtu (beautiful) kat saye kan?"

Then suddenly the incident a few days ago came into my head, and though I was still reeling from 'the ringing words in my head' that have upset me the past few days, I found myself laughing out loud..

Adeh! Baizurah, tolong saya hahaha.. and Ina, Bart Mak Su jugak haha! Seriously, I shouldn't be teaching that class again next year haha..

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