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Friday, December 05, 2008

A simple 'Thank You' would be enough..

This entry is not for the want of an entry pun.. just felt like writing. I came early to school today, but even if its 10.47am now, I'm still feeling lazy.. which is NOT unusual for me hehe.. Abg Fadzil had arrived before me (He had to send his daughter to school today since kak Nor had a volleyball coach course in Bagan Serai). Then when Ramadhan arrived, we went to have drinks at the cafe.

At the cafe, I saw this person. A few weeks ago, a friend had asked me to help this person. I agreed coz
1. I'm selfish.. I'm hoping that one day if I need help, someone will help me too so I'd better help someone in need (Ughhh, giler tak sincere langsung! Hahah..)
2. My friend had called at 5.30am and since I knew I couldn't sleep after being awoken at that time, I thought, "What the heck.. this would be better than tossing and turning anyway!"
3. I was curious on the 'incident that had happened' to this person that needed help..

Truth is, before this, I kinda admired this person. I might have developed a tiny crush on him too hahah.. (Read: MBC) Not that I know him that much in person, but I know quite a little bit of a little much about him. Academically, he's a role model. Skipped his MSc and went straight to PhD.. and locally, that is very RARE! You need to graduate with a CGPA of more than 3.50 to be able to that here, not like those who do it Mphile (Betoi ka ejaaaa...!) overseas.

Then a few personal traits of him that I heard of kinda sealed the deal of the tiny crush :D But I'm not enclosing them here, JUST in case some people find out who he is :p

Anyway, when I went for helping him, I didn't expect him to talk to me anyway. But please la, a simple thank you pun tak leh ke? Ni, dah le didn't acknowledge me (a simple nod is enough!), then in the end, no thank you ek?! Ughhh, ilang respect!! (P/S The crush thingey dah lame ilang tau.. so its not because of the no-thank-you situation..)

Abg Fadzil, when I told him of the incident, said the problem with me is that while I don't expect actual things in return whenever I do something, I always hope for people to say 'Thank You' or 'Sorry' depending on the situation (The 'sorry' thing he was referring to my exhousemate and another thing I'm supposed to forget so I'd rather not write here..), thus, why I was annoyed at this person not saying 'Thank you' even though it never crossed my mind to ask him to cough out the money for toll and petrol (the 'help' included these thingeys!).

Choong said some people think they are above other people, so maybe that was why there was no thank you.. which I wholly agree! Abg Fadzil then, after realizing WHOM I was talking about (and claiming, "Dr tu baik laa, Ayu!") said something like, maybe because this person thought he was a catch (Well, I know people HAVE been talking about him haha..) that he thinks he shouldn't interact with any girl who is single, just in case she is 'swept by her feet' with his voice.. yuck! Like I said, the crush was short lived so no worries there.. and still, he owes me a thank you!

After that, I've seen him a few times at the cafe and each time, I pretend to not see him, as opposed to buat biase je, this time, I REALLY avoid any glances towards him. Make sure I don't look his way as opposed to the usual people watching we all do in crowded places haha..

Anyway, fast forward to now. At the cafeteria, I saw him coming my way.. NOT my way laaa, what I mean is the same direction as I was going to so as usual, pretended I had no business to look his way. Hey, klau nak rase handsome, gi la perasan sensorang, Ayu malas nak layan! But as I am an unlucky person, I realized I had sat facing him (different table la tapi..) and was too late to change my seat as I didn't want it to be so obvious.. ye la, I pun tak mo gak org tunjuk sgt tak suke kan huhu..

Then on the way back, abg Fadzil commented, "Mane Ayu punye Dr ni? Tadi ade.."

I scowled to him, knowing who he was talking about and pretended I didn't understand and told him Dr Farhan was in KL. Then he told me, he had actually seen the said person coming up to me (must be during the time I saw him coming my way kot!) as if wanting to say something but since I had ignored him, he stopped. Nape, terkejut yang in this world, there is a single girl who'd avoid him ke? They also told me, they noticed him trying to catch my attention but I was avoiding looking at his direction so much that they pitied him.. huh!!

Kate abg Fadzil, that means there still a bit of good inside of him since he must've realized he didn't say thank you. He even said, "Hang ni yang berlagak sekarang tau dak!"

Ceh.. saya plak kene?!? Mane aci.. dia cari gaduh dulu.. (sambil buat muke budak iklan UMobile nak beli teh tarik s'tennnngggaa gelas!)

Still, note to self: Make sure you say thank you or sorry right after it should be said!

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