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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm supposed to be super busy right now.. but something's on my mind so tak leh konsentret and mule la blog hopping, then masuk Habbo (Ana nye pasal le ni :p Tapi dpt Sumo Penguin, Ana hehe.. chumel!)

Lets talk about yesterday. Smlm was the birthday of a friend. I promised him a Sg Ara mali cake so Sunday evening found me caught in the jam on the Penang bridge. Mak aiiii, from 8.00pm to 9.45pm still on the bridge, and the bakery closed at 10.00pm. Sib baik sempat, managed to arrive at 9.55pm.. so here's the cake! Ain't she a beauty hehe.. rase pun sodap!

Then pas berjaye pick up the cake, went to kak Wahid's. Yun nak anto potpourri for kak Wahid's wedding in January and we received her very nice invitation. Alaaaa, tak amik gambo la pulak.. lupe.. tp cantik, wpun Yun kate, "Nape cam kalender?" Hehe..

Arrived back home kul wape tah pastu layan Yun tengok Stomp The Yard until we fell asleep.

So yesterday tu bz with class but before that sent the cake to my friend and gave him the present yang sangat tak sabo nak bagi hahah.. w/pun diriku dikatekan kejam, tp ok whaaaaaaaatttt! Hahah.. proving a point has never been this much fun!

Malam plak gi school right after class to finish up a few tasks and otw home, my phone rang with a very familiar ringtone. Tp tak sempat angkat since my baterry yilek! and I got another pleasant suprise of the day (aside from the choc from my student, Nazreel) when the birthday boy sent his home-made cheesecake.

Dia buat sendiri oooooo.. Heheh, ade ke dia yang buat, patutnye orang la buat utk dia kaaan hehe.. Ni sumer Mas nye pasal la ni. eversince she posted her cheesecake recipe, sumer staf Awam pakat nak buat heheh.. thanx Mas! Akak dpt cheesecake trus mlm smlm sbb Mas nye recipe :p So here it it, wpun dah makan more than half before terpk nak amik gambo hehe.. sedap wooooo!

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