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Monday, December 15, 2008

Those lil' ones :)

I received a nice suprise in my class just now. Apparently my addiction for the tinned Nescafe is so obvious, my student decided to 'belanje' his teacher with a tin of the Original one. I had actually bought my favourite Latte on but thanx for the gesture Zarul. Just don't follow in my footsteps in this haha.. I REALLY hope those kids won't be addicted to it too.. and yes, this goes for you too Aiman.. nanti En Shah marah sy jadik bad influence to his only daughter, camne? :p

This school break, I'm having two classes. I was supposed to have my usual form 5 class in Parit Buntar but the teacher for Jawi had to go to Ipoh AND those student, in a fit to bully me (maybe because I always tell them, "Cikgu korang tak sayang kat korang, sebab tu dia asyik ilang je..", to which they always reply, "Maknenye cikgu sayang kitorang la ye?" Aiseyyyy..) had asked for me.. cehh! Tau what one student told me when I first came back to the class..

"Kan padan muke cikgu.. dah kene tengok muke kitorg hari²!!"

Sabo je lahhh.. hahah..

Anyway, eventhough I've taught for almost 6 years, this is only the third year I'm teaching for the school break and I usually love these school break classes as the majority of the students who come really wanna learn.

I remember my first class two years ago. I only had about 20 students I think.. ke tak sampai 20 ek? Ntah, dah lupe.. but I loved that class. I'm sure I've written a lot about them in my blog during that time.. you know, the one with Aiman (Bukan Aiman Kautsar tau :p) who told me, "Klau tak kawen umor 26, nampak sangat dah takde harapan!".. and I WAS 26 then hahah..

That class had this pair of unidentical twin.. and they really were NOT identical. Nak kate adik beradik pun I'll think twice.. Hana and Hani, ingat lagi hehe.. ape la citer diorg ni sekarang? The only one of them yg I saw recently was Nabil when he worked at Shell Pt Buntar during the SPM break.

I love this class as I felt as if they were all my younger siblings. Asyik gelak je ngan gelagat diorang, not that we didn't do any learning. We managed to finish 5-6 chapters during that 6-week course. I guess, I really DO prefer small classes..

Then last year was my second class. I had a lot of my 'old students' in this class so it was kinda fun.. though they knew too much about me haha.. more than I would've liked la kot. We didn't manage to finish as much chapters as I did during the previous school-break class but the class was relaxing for me.. though a bit larger than usual. I had around 25 students kot. Not much for most teachers, but a tad too much for me.

Still, we had our moments.. and those students still keep in touch with me till now :) I still feel weird when someone calls me 'cikgu' or 'teacher' whenever I'm shopping at the local supermarket or pasar malam but its grown a bit on me. And hey, now I remember, this was among the first classes to call me 'cikgu/teacher'.. my previous classes mostly call me 'kak Ayu'.. much to the annoyance of Cikgu Arun, my 'boss' haha..

This year, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed. My actual class in Parit Buntar has 40 students.. and since I prefer smaller classes, I don't really look forward to this class haha.. adeh! Teruk la Ayu ni..

Most of them are okay.. ade la biase tu budak² yang suke main². But then, ade gak this group of boys who think they're sooo cool, nyampah pun ade! One of them had written this four-letter word in his book, but I doubt he knows the meaning of it. Thats why la I nyampah skit hehe.. even when I call for attendance, he'd raise his hand while giving the finger.. granted la he doesn't actually give the 'right' finger, but I know what he means la, especially when the group of them laughs, thinking its funny. Mostly, I just ignore those rude gestures.. tapi ade mase, sakit ati gak la kot..

Then, earlier in this class was this boy who always sang to me haha.. at first, I thought it was funny. But then it got weirder bile dia mule tanye soklan pelik² and buat bende pelik².. Hahah, ingat saya tak takut ke? Budak form 5 pun.. For a while, phobia jugak la bile budak ni asyik nak tanye soklan je haha.. luckily, he only came for the first two weeks je. Hahah, nampak sangat Ayu ni penakut kan hehe..

The 'accidental' class plak I have around 30 students. Frankly, I like them more. As usual, ade budak yang rajin, ade yang suke memain.. but this type of memain tak de la menakutkan cam the other class. They are mostly acting as 17-year-olds should act la.. and their idea of joking masih bleh diterima la wpun Ayu terpakse menahan diri dari berleter ngn diorg nih.. at least with this class, I feel like I'm teaching my own brothers and sisters.

In fact, for tomorrow, I promised to bring Harry Potter #6 for Hawa and #7 for Mahfuzah :D

So I have another two weeks with these 70 students (70?!?!)

Question is, did I manage to teach them anything at all this school break? I'd hate to know I didn't.. Guess, eventhough I've taught for that long, rase tak konpiden still ade laaa.. I wanna be like Cikgu Nooriah, who made me see the wonder of numbers and made me realize, it wasn't too late for me.. but am I even remotely like her?

*sigh* Wish I knew..

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