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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Long Weekend..

Hi yaaa :)

Hmm.. actually, I'm a bit down here. There are some words that are sorta like ringing in my head, and try as I might, I can't shake them off *sigh*

Well, the new year is just around the corner, so its time to change and be a better person.. Go! Go! Ayu heheh..

Spent half a day with my lil sister and brother. Izati la ajak, nak tengok adik and Annisa was up and ready from early morning upenye. Izati went with Mama while I went there straight from my 'appointment'. Umi had taken the day off and Abah was no where in sight hehe.. so it was just the 6 of us.

Took the lil ones to the playground and it seemed that the two 'older ones' pun jadik budak kecik bile layan diorg nih hehe.. This is Irfan btw, comot giler minum air tumpah², makan fries cicah with the dirty soil at the playground.. euwwww..

Got a picture of Annisa but its in Izati's phone, lupe nak transfer. Then we went to Jusco Bandar Perda. I bought my 'teaching aids' for next years class but I'm not putting them here, just in case my students find my blog again, and know whats in store for them next year hehe..

Anyway, I also bought two books for myself. Goodnight Beautiful and Marshmallows for Breakfast. Both by Dorothy Koomson whom I've grown to like after reading her The Cupid Effect. I dunno bout you guys, but I'll definitely look out for her books from now on hehe.. and yeah, most fo you know, I'm NOT even into chick lits. But then again, sekarang sudah agak suke tengok these kinda books :)

Hmm, I said two books kan tadi? Well, actually the next day, I bought another three :p Truth be told, I almost bought a fourth book, kununnye the autobiography of Cinderella's stepsister (Hey, its interesting.. and I'm sure it'll be funny!) tapi sib baik kesedaran diri telah menjelma. And I also almost bought Stephen King's Rose Madder. I first read the book in form 5, tak silap buku Isyam and have been trying to find the book eversince. And just my luck, I found it when I told my sis to stop me from buying books other than the intended three *sigh lagik*

Well, the intended three are actually a three-in-one set by Cecilia Ahern. Some might not like her books (I vaguely remember someone writing in their blog that PS I Love You had put them to sleep.. sape nye blog eh?) but I kinda like Thanks for The Memories so I decided to buy the set.. which I paid only RM40 something for the whole three books. Ye lar, ONE would cost what? RM35.90.. so untung ape dapat beli 3 at a fraction of the actual price :p

Ermm.. excuse the wrapped gift below haha.. lupe plak it was in the picture :p Anyway, I'm set to go for a few weeks ni.. I mean in the reading department la.. which does not include literature reading for my PhD (Adeh, nape la tak dedicated with PhD like I am with htese books?)

And btw, am expecting three more books from Wanie Books Galore hehe..

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