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Monday, December 22, 2008


Actually, ni dari tuition trus dtg school. Kunun nak siapkan keje Dr Taksiah jap but there's something on my mind, bothering me.. and frankly, I'm ashamed of myself :(

This morning I had a nice suprise when one of the boys in my class yang paling tak suke dengar cakap, paling tak mau buat keje, tetibe gave me some chocolate he bought from Langkawi. Terkejut gak, tak sangke dia ingat kat cikgu dia time cuti² and for today at least, wpun dia tak buat keje, he actually paid attention when I grilled Hazril on 2 questions.. boleh tahan la. Diorg ni bukannye tak pandai, tapi main banyak sangat.

Then this afternoon had the 'hellish' class I never look forward too. After the 'mulut capoi' incident with one of the boys, I was determined to be a bit more strict with them today. So dari awal kelas, Teacher Ayu memang garang. Klau Zarul ade, kompen lagi dia suke panggil cikgu dia 'skuad leader'.. My voice was louder than usual, and I didn't smile as much. Tak mo bg muke sgt, kang di cakapnye bende bukan² lagik dengan selambe je.. ade ke patut saya yang malu, diorg tak malu pun cakap bende camtu..

Bile diorg dah perasan I wasn't in a good mood, baik la jugak diorg ni sikit. Sikiiiiiiiiiiit je la tapi sikit pun jadik le. Then suddenly, a girl in my class fainted. Sebenarnye with the girls I don't have any problem tapi sebab tak mo the boys kate pilih kasih, dengan the girls pun I was strict so bile the girl fainted, tetibe rase giler punye panik..

..and I ran away!

Jumpe kerani, and we called her parents. And believe it or not, AYU TAK BERANI NAK MASUK KELAS!

There I was, berdiri je kat luar tu, without an ounce of courage to enter the class. Luckily all the girls helped the fainted girl but ME, THE TEACHER, stood behind the door and didn't even manage to force myself to enter the room.

Ya Allah, cikgu ape Ayu ni?!?!?!

Tatau kenape.. and I felt guilty sebab hari ni garang sangat AND sebab I couldn't bring myself to face her..

I'm so, so sorry.. :(

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