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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm pleased with myself and I wanna talk bout my 'children' :)

*smiling happily*

Today I'm still a bit unwell. Dah malas nak dtg dah tadi but ticking off all the jobs I've put off since Monday made me force myself to come to school jugak after Zohor. Spent the morning finishing off New Moon, and sorry to Twilight fans, but I'm kinda annoyed with Bella. Hahah, tatau la, tak suke.. I actually think she's pathetic.. skit² hyperventilate, skit² hyperventilate.. aparaaaaaa.. bosan! But thats just my view kannn :) Lain orang, lain view dia so I'll stop there..

Eh chup.. nak tambah skit. I'm rather fond of Alice though. She sounds so cute and makes me feel like she'll be a good friend. I also love Jacob Black.. to me, these are among the strong characters! Oppss, okay, before the fans campak kasut, kulit pisang, burger semalam and apple busuk kat sy, baik sy benti hehe..

Anyway, berbalik pade sy (hehe.. sounds soo narcissistic kan? :p), I thought I'd be swamped with work but turned out, there wasn't much to do la pulak. I managed to complete the 4 claims and also invitation letter as well as get back both my papers and go through Younes's paper. Then did a few fund transfers and finished off with the notes I wanna give to my students this Saturday (tetibe rase bangge ngan diri sendiri hahah.. buruk perangai!)

So now, I'm free.. and I wanna write about my 'children' (lagik?!?!) Actually wanted to write about them since Saturday tapi sebab tak larat kan.. iyer, sy tau, macam la orang nak bace sgt, tp blog sy, sy nye suke ahhh :p Besides, they make me smile :) :) :) (Especially SE ek? Hahah..)

Today would me the last day for my second-class cycle and I'm beginning to get comfy with my students. Kelas Form 5 biase la, most of them are students I've taught before so you can imagine la kan camne ngade nye diorang kengkadang tuh. But I enjoy teaching the upper secondary syllabus so I don't mind.

They suprised me though.. there's this group of students (Hazril, Nazreel and the gang) who took my class whom I suspected did so only because they thought I wasn't garang enough (Ayu tak garang?!?! Impossible hehe..) Last Saturday kan I was not well so my patience wasn't exactly on a good level that day and they were their usual noisy selves. I was just finding an excuse to snap, knowing that when they talk, konpem keje tak jalan. So I went at the very back towards them, being prepared to scold them when I noticed, THEY HAD FINISHED THE ASSIGNMENT.. or at least was doing them. Truth was, usually they don't do that.. thats why I suspected they took my class: because I don't scold them too much!

I was suprised.. and pleased! And realized, for that day, Cikgu Ayu sayang jugak la kat diorg haha.. Mampus klau diorg tau sy ckp camni as I usually tell them their cikgus don't sayang them sebab tu asyik sy je kene relief kelas diorg. Lupe jap I was sick that day :)

My Form 4 class pun same, mostly students I've taught before so seperti di atas, mereke juge agak ngade sambil menggunekan alasan ngade sbb dah tak jumpe cikgu Ayu setahun daaahhh.. (I taught them in Form 2) Haha, of course I enjoyed the class :)

My Form 2 class in Jawi are new faces as I've never taught them before, being given a break from Jawi last year, but they are sure chatty. And this is the first class where the front row is monopolized by boys haha.. Serious sy terkejut sebab usually kan girls yang duduk depan. Ni idak, satu row tu diorg aje hehe.. so sy sgt suke!

Form 2 class in Bagan Serai pulak mostly my old students. Cheeky bukan main, tak padan dah matured setahun! What made me laugh in my last class was when they 'bullied' Zaim a.k.a Penyu and I told them off. The next time they wanted to 'bully' him, sy jeling and trus je Izat ckp, "Takpa hang Penyu, mentang² la Cikgu Ayu sayang kat hang.." Haha, sejak bile pulak sy ade pet dlm kelas ni?!!?

Form 1 in Bagan Serai is a very small class, only 8 students. But there's this boy yang SGT kecik. I thought he was in standard 3 or something as assumed he was in the wrong class. Teacher Harjit told me he was very slow before but has improved a lot. Somehow, I like watching him concentrating on my questions hehe.. sangat kiut! He'll focus his eyes somewhere while you could almost see 'vapours' coming outta his head hehe.. He's still quite slow but he smiles so beautifully when he knows he's got the correct answer :) Hamizzat kot name dia.. Then there's this other boy who reminds me of Nadiah coz he looks like Nadiah's youngest brother :) And this girl, anak cikgu Rohaizat who sangat semangat buat keje. She doesn't mind doing mistakes and would do the corrections over and over again without complainning..

Form 1 in Jawi pulak, I have this pair of twins. I don't remember their names coz I keep calling them Upin and Ipin (suke hati je sy ni kan haha..) Kecik gak though beso skit compared to Hamizzat. And noisier (Hamizzat setakat ni sy tak penah dengar sore), like a bullet-train! I also had a girl, Naziha Suhaila, younger sister of Nazleen Syahira my ex-student a few years back.. pandai cam kakak dia but now she transferred to the centre at Pt Buntar (which is also my class haha..)

One thing that gave me a suprise about both these classes: One day, after class when the girls usually come to salam me, I was suprised to find Upin (mase ni Ipin lum masuk kelas ni lagi) also in line to salam me. Errkk, I didn't know how to react when I noticed all the boys in class were also ready to salam me tp sebab diorg budak², sy turutkan je wpun sedikit janggal sebab diorg siap cium tangan lagik.. alahaiii, nampak sangat budak²nye diorg ni! That was in Jawi, next class in Bagan Serai, the same thing also happened when Hamizzat came smiling while holding out his hand. Errk, sy rase kekok lagi haha.. tapi takpe kot kan, budak² :) Thought lawak jugak la bile the Indian boy in the class pun salam cium tangan gak hehe..

Form 1 in Pt Buntar tak macam tu, takde nye salam² cikgu except Naziha la, naturally. Tp diorg ni, trus mintak name penuh cikgu la, number phone cikgu laa, leh msg² kate nye.. adeh! Pulakkkkk hahah..

So there, my first entry about my students for the year 2009. Hmm, yup, I'm holding back on writing about my SE kan Baizurah :p Takmo la, nanti cam awak cakap, kene tindakan disiplin plak kang heheh..


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