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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Activiti mase demam

Okay.. no matter how down with fever you are, its bored to just lie down.. tul tak?

I'd been lying down since morning and was kinda getting sick of doing nothing (says the Queen of Laziness haha..) There was nothing on TV (Iyer, sy tadek Astro :p) and since I'd already prepared me meal for the day, there was almost nothing to do..

Then I remembered something I've been putting on hold for a bit too long now.. tadaaa..

You see, dulu I used to be the kinda person who loves books so much, I wouldn't read them if I hadn't put the plastic covers on them first (I think it was kak Zarina's example that I followed ni.. she had loads of books dulu and I loved going to her home library when I was smaller). I still practised this, well err, 'practice' until a last year when I started to read them without covering the books with the protective plastic cover. I thought, as long as I don't lend them to people, it'll be okay..

But of course la, the procrastinator (ade ke perkataan ni?) in me mule la put off wrapping them and in the end, I only recently realized I had a whole load of books yang perlu di balut.. and FYI, these are the book I bought within 2008 je rasenye.

I thought 3 rolls of plastic would be enough.. and the end result (well, not actually end la, as you can see I haven't actually entirely completed the task yet here) is..

..with these remaining books still without their covers.

Sheesh! Cam tadek beze kannn?

Oh well! At least I'll have something else to do next time I'm down with a fever :p

Untuk Ana: Also did this last weekend and dah janji ngan Ana nak paste gambo kann :p

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