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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yet another indulgence *malu*.. and the start of a new 'tuition' year!

Actually, this is an entry I purposely delayed. After realizing that I've bought waaaaayy to much things for myself (which includes the practical change of tyres, tyre rims, timing belt, drive shaft, tuition books and Clinique thingeys.. as well as the impractical books, bag and bracelets), sy terase sedikit malu untuk mengaku tentang pembelian ini haha.. I bought it a few weeks ago after getting my 'duit kut' but kept it in its box until yesterday.

I wasn't feeling well so I stayed at home. Then during the afternoon, I was feeling a bit better but mule la bosan. Watched Night at The Museum for a while, and though I laughed out loud throughout the movie, when it was finished, I was back to being bored.

Then my eyes went to the unopened box containing my purchase.. What the heck! I'd better get over with it, huh?

Actually, I WAS excited to buy this thing finally, but somehow, towards the end of the year, I was feeling a bit down most of the time so when I bought it, I didn't feel as excited as I thought I would feel (Still, I HAD to buy it as the offer price - RM68 less than the usual price - was only until the end of the year!). In fact, it just felt like I was buying my usual groceries, instead of buying something I've really wanted for so long.

So yesterday, I half heartedly opend the box while clearing the kitchen worktop to find space for my purchase.. mase tu baru terase excited skit so I took out some marinated chicken I had in the fridge.. kenape ye? Hehe..

Jeng.. jeng.. THIS was my purchase, and tetibe rase excited plak hehe..

This plak was the first thing I did with it.

Haha, ye laaa.. I guess its not as impressive as if I had baked a cake or made some pizzas ke.. even doing some potato gratin pun would have been impressive for the first 'item' kan? But here it is, my very own oven.. yeay!

Hmm.. lets see IF I'll be using it again in the near future, huh haha.. (grilled some lamb chops this morning.. tp tu tak kire.. when I finally BAKE something, I'll share :p)

It the time of the year when my hands get all clammy, my feet gets cold and my heart beats so fast, I wish I could make it stop (Err, not stop entirely la kaaannn!)

Yup, its the first week of class.. and time to meet new students! I remember when Zarul, one of my students had told me he was a bit 'afraid' of the 1st-day class as he didn't know anyone. I told him, "Cikgu lagiiiiiiiiiiiiii takut.." Haha.. though I'm not sure if other teachers are like me..

I've got 7 first-classes.. and have managed to survive 4 of them. The first being my Form 1 class in Bagan Serai. The next two was my Form 5 class in Jawi on Saturday afternoon and my Form 2 class in Bagan Serai that night, while I 'braced' my forth class last night at Jawi, Maths for Form 1. And for all those classes, I was the one MORE afraid of my students than they were of me haha..

Would they like me?

Would they see me as a teacher.. as I'm mostly shorter than them..

Would they like me?

Would they like the way I teach?

Would they like me?

Would I even manage to teach them ANYTHING?

Would they like me?

Would I be able to make a differance to them?

Would they like me?

Arrrggghhh.. tak suke!! Haha.. tonight would be my fifth first-class with my Form 2 students in Jawi. Then tomorrow would be my sixth first class with Form 1 in Parit Buntar and finally on Thursday would be my final first class with Form 4 in Jawi.. then the second-class cycle would start, which woun't be as frightening as the first-class cycle, but still intimidating :p and knowing me, this would go on for a month until I'm really comfortable with them..

So.. wish me luck, friends! I'm gonna need lots and lots of them!

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