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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ok whaaaatt~~

Ayu sedang sengih sensorang haha.. :p

And Baizurah, no matter what you say, I'll ignore you :p

..and I'm still sengih sensorang!! Heheh.. uhh, bahaye tullll... :D


Yesterday before going home, had a chat with Sharil. Dilayankan je Ayu yang sedang angau and bile dia malas nak layan keangauan Ayu, he asked 'bout my trifle pudding yang sy janji nak buat untuk students last week. Hehe.. actually sy sgt teruk. Student sy, Iqmal, tanye, "Cikgu tak pandai masak ke?" dan walaupun ayat itu benar, tetapi sy tak mau diorg ckp camtu so sy janji nak buat pudding paling simple and and konpem org suke untuk deme semue. Dan oleh kerane cume Sharil je gang trifle pudding sy, sy terpakse tanye stock jelly kat dia last week memandangkan kat Billion, Minat mahupun Econsave dan Yawata memasing mogok tamau jual jelly..

Oppss, lari topik!

Hahah, after he asked 'bout the trifle, I remembered the extra milk I had in my fridge and me not being a milk drinker, knew it'd go to waste but he gave me an idea. Mau plak sy masih sedang perak ngan oven sy kaaaann hehe..

When we were smaller, me and my siblings mmg ske main oven.. serius! This DOES NOT mean everything we did then menjadik, most of them were experimental-based that our family sportingly ate haha.. but one of our favourites was one of the simplest recipes available.. Bread and Butter pudding.. or in this case, Wholemeal Bread and Planta pudding :p

Cumenye, we didn't like the sweet variety one, with nutmegs and raisins la. Some might like it though, but we prefered a savoury touch to it so w/pun cadang nak sembang lame skit with Sharil, trus mntk diri nak balik coz in my head I started to remember those childhood memories and voila!

Haha.. ye la.. still not impressive, I know! Tapi ok whaaaaaaaattt.. at least I've 'rasmikan' the baking function of the oven :)

FYI, I only have this bowl at home that can be used for ovens. I know, this thing should be done in a shallow dish tp I ONLY have this Pyrex bowl jek yang telah dicilok dari umah beberape tahun dahulu.. dan ini juga akan dijadikan alasan kenape sy tak leh nak bake byk bende lagik :p
*Yeay.. ade alasan munasabah dah skrg!! :p*

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