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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just coz I'm bored..

Yup.. I'm bored!

Been staring at the literature review I was hoping to update but can't think of a single thing to add.. and lets not talk of the journals, a.k.a my-sleeping pills, that I haven't read yet for this purpose.. *sigh*


Know the picture above? :D

Okay, once again, taken by my phone which in realtime is not quite old though not quite new.. but in technology years, is already considered ancient. A few months ago (must be before August last year as I quite remember I still had a housemate then), I wrote about the birds nest in the 'tree' I couldn't seem to get rid of that has 'grown' through the cracks of cement under my porch. Well, lets just say, this is the fourth time its happening.

I don't understand whats so tempting with this chosen location haha.. but I guess the mother bird knows best. I can't even take a peek as she's always nearby and a mere glance would make her chirp like crazy while watching me from the gate or the clothesline or the bouganvillea (I'm certain I've spelt that wrong!) plant outside. Alahai mak burung, sy bukan pembunuh anak burung maaaa..

Anyway, her 3 eggs have just hatched. 3 very pink lil' bird with no feather which I unsuccessfully captured with my phone camera..

Can you see them?

On Sunday, I went to kak Wahid's reception with Mama, Adi, Izati and Iskandar. Met with Yun, Sid and Adik there.. my other friends from our batch were nowhere in sight. Even Arif and Aizul who told me they were coming were MIA.. oh well!

Anyway, knowing my phone won't be able to take 'respectable' pictures in the dimmed Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang hall, I asked Izati to take some with her phone. Ye, yeee.. sy tak betulkan lagi kamera sy!

So this is kak Wahid during the 'makan beradat' (Mind you, this is still a picture from a phone.. not from an actual camera)

..and this is her during the cake-cutting ceremony!

Congrats kak Wahid :) I'm gonna miss going to your place whenever I like.. but rest assured, you parents won't be lonely as I've self-appointed myself as their new daughter heheh..

Yesterday plak went back to Abah's for The Discussion (Actually, ade byk bende tak puas hati di sini but I'm trying to ignore them in hopes that those feelings would go away quietly.. and to Adi, takde kene ngene ngan you tau! :) Don't worry!)

But first, we did a suprise birthday celebration for Mama. She's 51 now hehehe.. dah tuaaa! Me, Adi and Ikram went to buy the cake with Izati wanting something chocolatey and Adi wanting something cheese-cakey. Ikram wanting one not too cheese-cakey.. adeh! But we managed to agree on a choc cheese cake.. with even layers of chocolate moose and cream cheese to satisfy Ikram and I chose I sugar doll to put on it.

..though at last the sugar doll dapat kat Annisa who can't resist anything pink.

Then waited for Abah to start The Discussion but he slept right after lunch (Umi made some bihun sup!) Me and Adi started to nudge each other then Mama woke him up and he went to perform his solat first. Then guess what?

..Adi n Ikram plak had a lay-in and went to sleep. And Abah joined them after his solat.. ceh! Sabo je laaa.. Ikan² paus tersadai di pantai hehe..

But in the end, the discussion went quite okay la.. except for the few things yg I tak puas hati. Doesn't it just bug you that people pretend to know you when they really don't?


Anyway.. now we'll be having something BIG to look forward to this September.. yeay! I've already had all sorts of plans in my head already hehe.. But lets keep it a secret first ek :)


Lupe plak another thing: Remember my students, the twins I call Upin and Ipin?

Well, yesterday I had to rush from Abah's place to Jawi for my class. Managed to arrive on time.. yeay! Then I noticed only Afnan (Ipin) came to class (actually, half the class was absent which I think is due to the long weekend). I asked where Adli (Upin) was and he told me his twin had gone with his adopted father (long story!) to Johor so naturally he was left behind.

Then I asked him why he came, and he said, "Nanti kak Ros marah klau tak datang.."

To those who don't watch the cartoon, kak Ros is the garang eldest sister of the twins.. and while talking with my students, I realized, Ipin didn't really have a sister. This was when Ainina asked him, "Bukan tadi hang cakap kak Ros marah klau tak dtg? Klau hang takdak kakak, Kak Ros tu sape.."

He laughed cheekily while pointing at me, "Cikgu kite kan garang macam kak Ros.."


Hahah.. ampeh tul!

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