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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fussy Wussy

Last Friday, I learnt something about myself..

I've always thought (and said on a LOT of occasions) that I'm not a fussy person. When it comes to the love of my life (haha..), I don't mind what kind of book it is. I DO have preferances but that doesn't stop me from reading every single book I get my hands on (except la academic books where bukan aje ade invisible line I draw there, tp jugak ade Tembok Beso China hehe..). Its VERY seldom that I don't finish a book even if I don't seem to like it.. and sangat jarang jugak for me to say a book is 'tak bes'!

The same goes for the food department where quite frankly I'd say, "Tak rugi klau belanje Ayu kat mane²" hehe.. I've never been fussy when it comes to food.. rasenye la! I can't remember tha last time I complained (except the time I tried making some lontong la.. but hey! I complained of my own cooking whaaattt :p) and whenever anyone wants to go try out new places, I'm usually game *hint²*

Even when getting ready to go anywhere (work, class, movies, shopping etc), most girls (that I know laa..) take forever to get ready. They need the perfect outfit with matching shoes, matching handbags, sometimes even changing to different purses (which I don't understand since the purse id hidden in your handbag je puuunn..), perfect watches and perfect make up. I'm always with my jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt combo.. and only wear blouse and slacks when going to work (but somedays ngelat jugak la pakai jeans and t-shirt haha..). I have 2 pairs of sandals (one in my car for emergencies, the other one which I always wear), 1 pair of heels for seldom occasions and a pair of mocassins for work (sbb abg Zul suh sy pakai kasut bile masuk lab haha..) Oh, almost forgot, I have a pair of sneakers yg dah setahun lebey tak pakai setelah give up on jogging :p

Oppss, lari tajuk.. nway, I also have this one pink bag I bought from the Body Shop (because it was pink) which I wear almost EVERYWHERE.. Work, class, going out.. and as for makeup, I put on a bit of lipgloss in the morning and klau ilang, ilang la.. no touching up for me, I don't really like the hassle and also because I think I'm just too lazy. But usually it ends up with me waiting for my friends to get ready la haha.. which is when my books come in handy *wink*

So thats why I don't think I'm fussy..

Remember in one of my previous entry I wrote about having to replace my watch? Well, its actually Mama's watch. I borrowed it during an exam when I was either in Form 2 or 3 and NEVER returned it (Bertuah punye anak!!) I DID try to buy a watch for myself, but somehow there was always something wrong with watches I chose so I settled into using Mama's dengan tanpe rase segan silu.. and I really love this watch!

Anyway, last week, it suddenly stopped and since it was due for a battery replacement anyway (as I assumed), me and Ad went to this watch shop in Jusco Perda for it. One look at my watch (Alba or something.. and mmg kedai apek tu tak jual pun brand tuh haha..) and the guy told me, "Aiyaaaaa, lu punye jam suda talak kluar kilang lagi laaa.. jam lama nii!" Sibuk je apek itu so I told him, "Sy sayang la jam ni, byk jase.." He tried to persuade me to look at new watches but I still told him, I only wanted a battery replacement.

While the guy was fiddling around with my watch, me and Ad went round the shop to look at their watches and mak aiii, mahal giler! All around Rm1000 haha.. Then the guy called me and told me the battery was okay, my (read: Mama's) watch wasn't. He even showed us the battery meter thingey to prove his point.. and of course la he asked me to look around. Tak mo ah, giler satu jam sibu lebey.. We just excused ourselves while I felt a bit sorry for myself of the 'lost' of this watch.

Still, about an hour or so later, the watch was okay.. for about half a day before it stopped completely!

Knowing I HAD to buy a new one (I'm those kinda people who NEED a watch on their hands.. I went the whole week with a 'dead' watch on my hand, much to the amusement of all my classes when they noticed my watch was always 3.15), I delayed the act as I still was willing for my watch to 'revive' itself haha.. kot la pakai lame nnt dia idup balik kannn.. silly Ayu!

But last Friday, I knew I just had to buy one as it was quite frustrating looking ta my wrist with the wrong time displayed there. Since I had to send Pojie to the airport, I had an excuse to go find a place where I could do my first watch purchase without Abah being the benefactor (Sigh! The perils of growing up, huh!)

I knew what I wanted. I wanted a watch with straps like Mama's watch (which I call jam mak² or jam org tua² :p). Camne nak ckp ahh.. straps that don't fall from your wrist.. adeh! I'm bad at describing them eh.. anyway, I also wanted a watch that showed the date..

..and I thought it would be easy!

There were only 4 watch shops there but I spent nearly 3 hours going to all shops again and again to see the watches. Most were the funky one, which sadly I don't like. Like I said, I liked the jam org tua² type haha.. but still, the Rm1000 over shop tu I tak masuk la.. takmo ah, sgt lari from my budget!

Of all 4 shops, I finally settled with two shops but still I had to go up and down (one was on the ground floor, the other on the first floor) comparing watches. I had a budget of a measly RM300 tops and found that these two shops had a bit of a variety on those kind of watches.. which made me smile! Cumenye, it was a bit outta my budget la..

Plus, there was a discount of 20% in the first shop and 15% in the second shop.. but I began to wonder, mmg always je buh discount ke ek.. to lure unsuspecting customers doing their first-time watch purchase? Coz though the 2nd shop displayed the 15% discount, the 1st shop didn't and only told me about it when I asked.

So I took another hour to compare the watches and terase sedikit kurus going here and there kan hahah.. perasan!

I kept asking questions about the watches I had narrowed down that I detected a hint of humour in the eyes of the sales guy in the 1st shop and sales girl in the 2nd shop. There came a moment when, I guess outta exasperation on seeing how fussy I was, the sales girl in the 2nd shop asked me, "Cik nak beli untuk hantaran ye?"

Ceh!! Can't a girl buy something nice for herself, just because she wants to?

Finally I decided on this watch that actually resembled Mama's watch haha.. I had a choice between two watches here. One was a silver one and the other was silver with gold lines.. actually, the gold tone was the ONLY differance between the two :D aside from the RM 23 haha..

In the end, though I had planned to buy something silvery (I had once seen someone wear a completely silver one and I liked it), I chose the 2nd watch (ade gak silver byk kaaaann :p). After discount, I had to pay RM400++ and was very satisfied..

It was then that I noticed, udah pukul 6.35pm and I had started my watch shopping at 3.35pm.. erk!!! Usually when shopping for clothes, I already know what to take and I just pick it from the rack, sometimes without even trying it on as I only buy from one or two familiar brands, and be off with it. I once did my shopping (3 very much needed blouse) in two hours that includes the one hour drive to and back.. which makes my shopping under 1 hour for 3 blouses.. but this is ridiculous!

Three hours for one watch!!!?!?!

Guess I'm not that unique after all..


After paying for the watch.. and going on and on to the salesperson about how I love my watch but its broken, he asked to recheck for me. I told him not to bother since I had seen the battery meter thingey but he insisted. Guess what? My watch was OK! Cehhh, mesti apek kedai 1st tu actually wanted me to buy a watch from him.. ampeh tul!

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