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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Of late..

Of late ni, I've been getting a bit tense.. hmm, come to think of it, mase bilenye ye Ayu tak tense hahaha.. (I know the answer to that though, but not sharing hahah..!)

First and foremost, the gossip I heard dah jadik true. Dr Farhan will not be in this school for at least the next two years. He's replacing Prof Raden at the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) as the director. Uhhhh, penat diriku tanye berkali-kali with him reassuring me he's not going anywhere, turned out memang betul. Adeh.. camne ni? Even with him around Ayu sangat malas, what would happen to me when he's not around.. worse still, what would happen to my PhD?!?! Uwaaaaaaaaaaa..

Now I'm trying to finish up some papers for a couple of conferances and journals, to send to him before he officially starts there on the 1st of August. Tapi terase diri sangat kehilangan.. He's been the best mentor I've ever had. Alway been around eversince my undergraduate years and you could count on him to make time for you even when he's busy. I had always left his office feeling motivated and as if I can take the world if I wanted to (exagerrating as usual!).

Next one is this new teacher at my tuition centre. A few weeks ago, I noticed this new teacher teaching kak Ina's class when she couldn't come. At first, I ignored him.. until I noticed that he kept glancing at my class. By then, I was annoyed. You see, some 'real' teachers actually dislike us non-teachers who teach there. They are always criticizing the way we teach and all that, reminding us we are not trained teachers. I felt that he was judging the way I was teaching, disapprovingly! It didn't help that the next day I met him again at our other branch when I was replacing another teacher for the day.. and yes! One again he was watching my class as if I'm such a bad teacher (Okay la, I'm not a good one la.. but cut me some slack la.. at least my students like me!)

2 weeks later, I couldn't come to class as I had the Sg Sedim project. Turned out, he replaced me. Tak kisah la kan, especially when my students told me they didn't actually like the way he taught (Yeayyy!! Hahah..) I even had to re-teach my students.. and dalam hati of course la mengata cikgu tu (yeahh, he's a 'real' teacher!). Judge orang sangat tapi dia sendiri cam ampeh..

Then yesterday, once again dia ganti kelas kak Ina. Problem is, for the whole 4-and-a-half hours, my class is just opposite his. And boleh tak, he went out of his class and OBSERVED ME TEACHING! Bengong! Ingat saya tak reti sangat ke nak ngaja? I ignored him la of course, tp dalam hati, sakit oooo..

For my next class, I had given my students a promised test and while they answered in front, I was doing the answers too in the back. Then this teacher masuk my class and sangat menyampah when my females students trus bisik² tengok² dia tu. Tau la cikgu laki kat situ banyak nye dah tua, but doesn't mean bile ade yang mude je, bes! Dah la tak ensem pun.. and boleh tak cikgu tu ask kuat², "Cikgu korang takde ke?" Padehal I was sittting right beside him (Okay la, I was wearing a t-shirt, but it still doesn't make me look like a student.. saje sarcastic la tuu..!)

Bile I angkat muke, he grinned at me and said, "Cikgu ni, tak nampak ke student cikgu dok kacau² saya ni?!?!" Mak aiiiiiiiii.. gile ape dia ni, ingat ensem ke ape ke? Setakat budak sekolah, form 1 je pun tu, bisik² tengok dia pun, dia dah seronok ke? Ceh.. ignore him!

Tp tambah nyampahkan diriku ini when I went to send my register to the clerks, I found them giggling and flirting with him. Ya Allah, korang takde keje lain ke? Nape tak marah je cikgu tu suh dia masuk balik kelas dia?!?!

Tolong la jangan bg me jumpe dia lagi.. dah la last week he had the cheeks to call me 'adik'! Woiiiiiiiiii.. seriously! Tak yah la nak degrade me by making me feel inferior.. seriously pissed!

Third one plak paling mengong. Its something I had never shared in my blog ni, but kali ni dah melampaui batas! My bathroom takde lampu tau, and yours truly sangat malas gi beli lampu. Sometimes I go to the supermarket but totally forget about buying the lampu so as a result, bile malam je, klau rajin pasang lilin, klau tak, mandi la dalam gelap..

Then one night, after I took my bath, I watched some tv while eating heheh... sgt tak senonoh ye makan depan tv :D Nway, I wanted to wash my hands and some sauce that had spilled on the front of my night gown so I went in the bathroom and used the water from the kolah. As I was cleaning myself up, I noticed something floating IN THE KOLAH. Thinking it was just a reflection of the light outside (tgh malas pasang lilin mase ni!), I tried to grab the 'thing' and Tuhan je yang tau macammane marahnye saya mase tu. Turned out it was a used p***y l****r. Terase diri bertukar menjadi Incredible Hulk seketika, especially bile teringat I WAS WASHING MY HAIR EARLIER FROM THE SAME KOLAH!

Ya Allah, this is the last straw. Trus je message the ONLY ONE I know who is responsible (she wasn't at home mase tu, thank God.. klau tak mau je I campak bende tu kat muke dia!!!) and boleh tak dia reply kate, jgn la risau, baru lagi kot bende tu terendam dalam kolah tu!!! Bangang nak mampus!!! Pengotor giler.. Ya Allah!!! Sakitnye hati, Tuhan je yang tau.. now I can't even face her!

I mean, byk dah sabar tau! Dgon aritu dah marah me sebab katenye I bg muke sgt. Bukan ape, My house rent is RM350, I only ask RM150 from her (there's only the two of us!). Then the bills semua I bayar. Tu pun tak boleh count her blessings ke? Tp dishwashing liquid pun tak leh nak beli sekali sekale.. bende lain tak yah kate la. Kitchen towels tu sumer my money tp dia yg perabiskan. Then bile gas tadek, bukannye sekali sekale nak volunteer beli, always wait for me to do it.. padehal, dia yg selalu dok masak, not me! Dah la masak tak lap balik dapur semua tu. Always leaving a mess sumer tu..

Once, she tumpahkan bende RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, tp dia wat tatau.. last² amah ni laaaa yang tolong bersihkan.. sambil menyumpah dalam hati laaaa! Dia ingt dia bayo RM150 tu untuk bibik ke ape ke ntah? Water pipe selalu tak tutup, sampai melimpah².. pasang semua lampu dalam umah tu la, pasang tv tp tak tgk la.. even conquering MY FRIDGE (mule la berkire ni!) Ade ke aritu kuarkan MY THINGS sbb nak masukkan bende² dia.. and to be truthful, my things tak byk mane pun.. orang malas masak kaaaannn! Barang dia jugak yg byk.. sampai empty jam bottle pun nak simpan dlm fridge, apehal?!?!

Then basuh baju tak perah, abis basah lantai. I dah brape byk kali dah nak terjatuh terpijak air sabun dia. Then when she use the washing machine, selalu biar baju dia lame dalam tu. I nak gune gak la, mengong. I always make sure pas basuh je trus sidai, just in case dia nak gune.. but her, kadang tu sampai esok tu pun dia tak kuarkan baju dia. Ikut hati, nak je suh dia basuh tgn je baju dia (Hey, the washing machine is mine too!!!), tp kang lagi la dia tak perah, mau Ayu accident tiap hari!

Then iron and ironing board tu I bg la dia gune. And I bought this clothes rack since the ironing thingeys dalam guest room pun. I told her, tu untuk guests gune but klau dia iron baju and nak tumpang gantung jap, takpe la.. know what she did? Amik nearly her WHOLE CLOSET and gantung semua baju dia kat situ. Ayu nganga tatau nak kate ape.. and bile guests dtg (usually Dgon, Yun, Izati je la punn..) diorg takde tmpt sidai towel ke baju ke.. just because MY RACK I BOUGHT WITH MY OWN MONEY PENUH NGAN BAJU DIA!

I give up!!!

Last month, she gave me good news. Dapat keje tmpt lain so this is the last month she's be staying here. Rase nak sujud syukur!! But after the p***t l***r incident, I feel as if mase tak cukup cepat berlalu.. and she's be hogging on the TV dari haritu lagi. Mak aiiiii.. oiiittt, nak je sebut, THAT'S MY TV! AND MY BILLS! Giler ke, and I plak yang tak bleh nak tengok TV sbb asyik dia je. Dari pagi sampaaaaaaaaaaii ke malam.. argggghhhhhhh!!! I dunno if I could take it anymore!!!

Cepat la mase berlalu.. tolong laaaaa cepat!

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