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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My long weekend

Actually nye, tadek idea ni..

Tapinye.. dari tadi my paper duk cam tu gak. No words added nor omitted. Pastu tangan mule la gatal bukak Neopet haha..

Nway, lets talk about the weekend of someone with almost no life :D

On Friday, went to kak Shima's. She hadn't watched The Dark Knight yet and since I loved the movie, what the heck, tengok je la dua kali.. and yes! I noticed a whole lot of things I missed during my first show of it.. "SkyHook" haha.. Got sms from Ellie Cupcake tapi tak pasan, ghalit melihat Batman, especially coz kak Shima kept declaring she's falling in love with Bruce Wayne.. every 5 minutes!!! Hahah..

Slept at kak Shima's and early next morning came back here. Was actually very sleepy (had a Princess Hour marathon at kak Shima's until 5am) and sambung tido on the couch. Woke up when it was nearly 12pm hahah.. and quickly got ready for my class.

Then became the Incredible Hulk jap. Marah at these boys in my class, PMR is just a matter of months tp 'radius' and 'diameter' pun tak tau differentiate. Mane tak ngamuk Teacher Ayu, they couldn't care less. Then did some simultaneous equation and once again THE SAME BOY not only tak tau nak buat, but also boleh bersembang ngan kawan sebelah when I wanted to explain YET AGAIN to him. Grrrr..

And to add insult, mase tengah ngamuk tu the annoying teacher came into my class.. with a smug look on his face saying "This is not how a real teacher should act". Okay la, he didn't say it out loud, but I could surely read that in his expression.. sheesh!! I almost went out to ask him to mind his own business when dia sibuk² intai my next class that afternoon, just because my class was laughing at something.. APE! Ingat I can't make my students laugh ke?!?! Mengong..

And something else, tetibe rase nak beli DVD player after those classes haha.. so guess what, that was what I did.. almost spur of the moment but not quite la as I had been eyeing a few players though didn't really plan to buy it yet. Truth is, when I had bought the tv, I planned to buy my own DVD player but my housemate beat me to it so kadang tumpang la dia nye. But under the recent circumstances, hahah, of course la nak beli sendiri plak kan, lagi plak dia nak kuar dah so memang plan nak beli pun and voila! Spent RM220 on it (Actual price was RM245, same model at Bagan Serai was RM265.. I asked for RM220 and the shopkeeper trus agree.. adesss! Should've asked for RM200 only hahah..)

Malam tu plak had my usual class at Bagan Serai.. and just my luck! Met another teacher who not only annoys me, but also scares me! I'm not sure if I wrote about him in my blog last year, but this teacher is someone I avoid at all cost. Last year, he slapped two Indian students in my class, calling them names (Racist!!) and humiliating them in front of his own son.. who in turn was so ashamed, he ran to sit at the back and avoided looking at me.. sian anak dia, especially coz his son was also in my class and knew that those Indian boys tak buat salah pun.. Ugghh, made me grumpy the whole night!

Balik umah, tried the DVD player.. yeay! Suke!! Now I can watch my pirated DVDs (adehhh!) in peace tanpe conscious I'm using someone elses belongings. Tido lambat that night sebab tgk Pay Check on TV3, then started watching the Supernatural 3 DVD I had bought mase gi Feringghi aritu.. hehe, I find that I pay close attention to the dialogue now.. very creative la the scriptwriter!

Next morning (actually, just a few hours je of sleep pun) kak Zura asked me to have lunch at her house.. yeay! Makan sedap heheh.. Nway, couldn't sleep dah pas tu and I realized, asyik dok complain pasal 'her' mess, tp I biar je so ape lagi., tetibe rase macam touched by the spring cleaning fairy.. Cleared and 'washed' the cluttered fridge (Gile tul, once dah buang sumer bende yg tah pa pe, the fridge was nearly empty!! Tp nak membasuhnye, biase la, mulut Ayu mule membebel sorang².. 'She' just loves to spill things and tak bersihkan!!) Then cleared MY dining table haha.. Cleared the living room.. and guess what: 2 big rubbish bags full of clutter. Mak aiii, saya duk sarang tikus upenye haha.. tanpe rase bersalah, buang je her things yang expired sumer tu haha <--Ayu sangat jahat!

Sedo² dah 1pm. Cepat² sms kak Zura telling her I'd be late. Had lunch with her and got to see lil' Aqil (same je name with anak Sentot!). Then went to school, konon nak sambung paper but I just edited a few alumni-related thingeys, edited the questionnaire for Sg Sedim.. then ngantuk mule menjelma so went back home.. and sambung tgk Supernatural hahah.. Sampai ke malam plak tu :p

Next day (Monday) badan rase tak sedap, then in a matter of minues after waking, got the flu. Adeh! Leceh la plak.. stayed in bed for a couple of more hours then when I couldn't stand laying down, decided to just wake up and watch another 4 episodes of Supernatural. By then, also found the Made of Honour CD so watch jugak la.. by 5pm, felt a bit better and decided to go out and buy things for spaghetti and potato salad sebab dah lame sgt janji with Sharil and Lah. Also kept thinking of the Cadbury Chocolate Mousse Chocolate tapi rezeki ku tiade.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Okay.. sbnrnye diri sendiri pun dah boring bace entry ni so before I bore anyone to death, guess I'd better stop..

Eh chup! One more thing to add: Aci tak klau I botakkan kepala?!?! This is a serious question!!!

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