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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why so serious?

To those who have watched the movie premiere last night.. or watched it in todays early shows la kan (ayat berlagak sebab dah gi tengok semalam hahah..), you'd know where I got the tag line above as my title :)

Yesterday after watching Hellboy, thought of treating Salimin who had just finished his viva yesterday afternoon so I had bought some tickets to the premiere. Then Fared wanted to join so I asked Aje and Fadhil to join too.. the more the merrier hehe.. After my class last night, I rushed home for Isya' prayers then we headed off to Sunway Carnival for the movie.

I was ready to fall asleep, especially when I realized the movie was for a duration of 2 and a half hours.. gile ape?!?! I didn't actually expect it to be that long (Salah sape tak tengok review?!?!).. but God! There wasn't a sleepy moment throughtout the movie.. and I loved it :)

Not telling much here since everyone keeps telling me 'NO SPOILERS' haha.. but for the rest of you, you'd better go watch it.. Bes ooo!

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