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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bitten by the movie bug.. or rather the nak-tgk-gak-tak-kire bug haha..

Today I arrived quite early (as opposed to my datang-suke-hati arrival I seem to always do now!) at school. Noticed thta kak Ros was here already but that was about it. Seronok gak when once in a while you can choose your parking space hahah..

The plan was for me to finish my paper for this conferance in UniMas, then compose two emails (for the staff of the school and for ex-students of this school) for the Alumni purpose. I've been putting off doing the email just to spite the penyapu baru (Ayu gile ke ape?!?!) haha..

Well, anyway, I'm glad my Yahoo! is back in order. Its been such a nuisance the past few weeks when I couldn't reply ANY email from that account.. I couldn't even compose an email and I had to make use of my un-used Gmail account (which if it could express its feelings, I'm sure it felt so much loved these past few weeks hehe..)

Next on the agenda would be.. would be.. shhh.. a run to Sunway Carnival to watch Hellboy 2! Yea yeahhh, I know, EVERYONE ELSE has seen it and I'm the only one who hasn't :D Diddn't actually plan to watch it, heck, I didn't even watch the first one, but recently when they played the first one one TV, I was suprised to find myself enjoying it. It didn't help that Ana kept being th unofficial promoter of this movie hehe.. Adi, who has been following the comics, told me that to him, it was just mediocre, but he agreed with Ana that for non-followers, it was good.. and Amer, the annoying brat, has been trying to make me envy him for having watched it already.. ceh!!

Truth is, one upon a time ago, the cinema was almost my second home.. especially when I was staying with kak Shima and kak Kathy. And that's actually something considering the nearest comfortable cinema (we only had Capitol here, you know, the old fashion type of cinema.. and yes, its HAD since its now turned into a hawkers centre!) was about an hour's drive from here and going twice weekly wasn't a suprise.. but now, I not only have my hands full with my classes at night, there no one I'd actually consider going with anyway since most of them here prefer to wait for the pirated version of each movie.. *sigh*

But the past few weeks have seen me sneaking to the cinema every Wednesday around noon hahah.. Started with Sepi kot, then Wanted, then Hancock.. adeh! I'm just hoping it won't turn into a habit..

Well, for one, as we all know, Wednesday is the half-price day everywhere (what with a new movie coming every Thursday huh.. making me, of course la, among the last to watch new movies!). And another is because its the only day I'm quite free (before night la when I have my class in Bagan Serai.. the cheek of Cikgu Arun to give me a class on Wednesday when for 3 years straight I've been telling him I DON'T WANT any class on Wednesdays!)

And since this Friday would see us going to Kelantan to visit Dr Farhan's son at KCK, I'm sadly considering the possibility of me watching Batman, The Dark Knight next week on Wednesday.. and NOT this week! (Ye la, Saturday full with classes at Parit Buntar and Bagan Serai and Sunday is my unofficial working day..)

This summer takde la nampak macam banyak citer bes pun. Okay la, there's the Star War's movie(animation la tapi.. the Clone Wars), The Mummy 3, James Bond.. erkkk, tu je ke ek? Hahaha.. heard that Wall-E macam bes, tapi tatau la.. Adeh, hati dah tak rase nak buat keje ni, mate asyik pandang jam.. its 9.25am now and I'm planning on ngulor around 11.oopm as the movie starts at 12.00pm. Two-hour long so I'll be back here before 3pm.. I hope!

Alamak! Gotta dash.. ade claims yang tak siap lagi.. chiao! :)

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