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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Makanan lagikkk

Asik citer cupcake je kan haha..

Well, after years of not making any cookies, I decided to make some 2 nights ago. Actually, making cooking had always been my favourite part of raya. I wasn't good in cake making but cookies, with the risks of 'angkat'ing my bakul, I could do with my eyes closed! And they actually were finished within the first few days of raya taaauuuu.. thanx to simple recipes from BeRo Flour (the book which I lost a few years ago.. sob.. sobb! Sape pi UK, leh tolong carikan tak?! Dulu buku tu free when buying the flour)

Anyway, since my favourite book tu dah takde and since dah bertahun tak buat so my ingt²-lupe-recipes are not reliable anymore, I decided to try on a recipe I've kept for years. I didn't know how it would taste but it had hazelnut (wangi tuu!), custard powder and a dash of coffee. At least I'd be sure it won't taste like the pretty cookies that always taste the same kaaaaann :p

And tadaaaa..

Okay, I know, tak lawa! The dough was too soft to roll out, penat je gi amik balik my rolling pin dari kak Yun hahah.. so I just rolled it into balls with my hands and pressed them with a fork.. classic! Hahah..

And yes, I also discovered my cookie-making skills dah seriously berkarat. I couldn't even guess if the cookies were ready ke tak.. sabo je lah Ayu ni haha..

Nampak nye, kene try wat lagi la kaaaaan *wink²*

Petang tu pulak, Ad text me telling me she had something for me. Yeay! Ape ye?!?!

Roti kirai with beef curry lagi.. and lotsa potatoes! Though this time, since from a Kelantanese, ade la ala² Kelantan skit were both the roti and curry were a bit sweet hehe.. tp sedap je jugaaaaaaaaaaaaakk! Nyum²!

Thanx Ad.. sile la buat lagik heheh..

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