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Saturday, September 05, 2009

To-do List for The Weekend

Another long weekend, maybe the last one for the year perhaps (tolak cuti raye laaaa.. tu sgt la long kaaannn!)

Anyway, I had planned to spring-clean the house last week but the lazy part of me reminded me raya was still like 20 more days then so sgt rugi to clean the house early (apekah?) Not la like I'm having an open house ke ape, not THAT good a cook haha..

But then, I had a suprise of my own when I realized the pile of work I have for this weekend! Hmm, lets see..
  1. Wash curtains and table cloth! current table cloth still has this pink smudge where some pink buttercream did some kamikaze from the bowl it was supposed to stay put in. I had only wiped it with some wet cloth and only now risau it the pink won't wash off the lacy table cloth sbb dah lame sgt kan. Sib baik la only lace murah store-bought.. and not the one turun temurun, the kind that grandma crochet for the family heheh..

  2. Literally 'wash' the house from the ceilings where daddy-long-legs have been making babies utk 7 keturunan (last time I buang cobwebs was like 6 months ago hahah.. Ye², sy tau sy anak dara pemalas when it comes to this :p) to the floor yg sudah lama tidak bermop (6 months jugak ke?) Good thing this house only has 3 rooms and I'm the only one staying here (I'm suddenly wondering if it IS a good thing?!?!)

  3. Susun atur my new mats.. yeay! Bought some nice inexpensive mats a few weeks ago yg still rolled up sbb I wanted to clean up the house dulu. The old bamboo mats in the living area and my bedroom akan berpindah to the dining area and the library while the new mats akan masuk tmpt lame mereke (Why eh this year I feel like mak cik yg seronok nak raye?!?!)

  4. Conduct my 4 'kelas ganti' on Sunday and Monday (Waaahhh, pk je pun dah rase penat!) The tuition centre would be closed for a week so I have to do the kelas ganti for 6 classes and I've only managed to plan for 4 of them in this long weekend. Form 4 (11.30am-1.30pm Sunday), Form 1 Jawi (1.45pm-3.45pm Sunday), Form 1 PB (2.00pm-4.00pm Monday) and Form 2 Jawi (4.00pm-6.00pm Monday). Form 5 and Form 2 BS I dunno when laaa..

  5. Writing my kad raya(s). Yup! Even in this age of technology, I'm still a worshipper of snail mail.. have always been and (hope to) always be! Alaaaaa, ngaku la, not matter how tech savvy you claim to be, to get a letter in the REAL mailbox is a total bliss! Tul tak? ☺ I bought about 40 cards on my last outing and am still sorting out addresses.. ni kire sikit la, I used to post almost a hundred cards a year tau dulu hehe..

  6. Making another batch of cookies (or two). In mind, I wanna do the cut-cookies with friut spread in the middle and coconuts in the cookie itself AND some extra chocolatey chocolate chip cookies! Cite² tinggi kan sy? Hehehe..

  7. TRY to clear up under the porch without encountering the four-legged creatures I detest itu! Seriously, brape kali dah nak kemas kat luar tu only to be suprised by these 'beasts' yang akan mengakibatkan sy berlari lintang pukang masuk dlm rumah, kunci pintu dan menyumbat bwh pintu dengan paper lame sbb takut dia masuk umah! *sigh*
Hmmm.. tetibe rase sgt la bercite² tinggi! Lets just see, eh!

I forgot, I still kene siapkan some corrections utk the FRGS progress report yg terberhenti haritu coz of the Geomatics punye kelas ganti.. adeh! Mcm tak tercapai jek to-do list ini nnt..

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