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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sape tak kenal tune ni kan hehe..

As usual, every Sunday morning (12.30am that is) both TV3 and TV2 would be playing on some movies which I've religiously watched since I got my own television set. Wait! Or was it before eh.. when I still 'tumpang'ed Elie's tv?!?!

Anyway, usually TV3's choice was better (haha..) but lately, TV2s choice aren't bad. They sometimes love to put on James Bond classics and other so I kinda liked it too.

Just now, TV3 had on Just Like Heaven, which though I love, I just watched recently so I decided to see what TV2 had to offer.. Lets see..

Hmm.. does anyone NOT recognize this tune?

Hahah.. ok la, not actually the original (and yes, I prefer the original la of course but this one was a good rendition of it jugak kan).

I didn't grow up when the movie was famous but during my childhood, there was this weekly cartoon of them. Who could forget.. and which child did not want to become The Lone Ranger.. or Tonto.. err, Silver takde sape kot nak jadik kan =p

I'm not sure if children nowadays even know about this folk hero.. but I'm sure they too know this tune kan..

And the movie was so-and-so la.. but everytime the tune came on, I found myself drumming my hands to the music while 'tedede tedede tededek dek deeekkk' along with it hahah..

Kinda makes me miss my childhood in a good kinda way =)

P/S Ohhh, sy tadek Astro, k =p

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