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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Annnnnnnddd its time..

As usual, my blog is like the ol' Chipsmore ad.. "Now you see it, now you don't!" On a hiatus just like its on a vacation or something..

Well.. whats new? Nothing.. except, once again I find myself drinking loads of Nescafe to stay awake!  Heheh..

What happened to my resolve to ban Nescafe from my life, eh? Heheh.. *grins sheepishly* Got to put that resolve on hold for a while since its that time where the TV is my bestfriend again..

Tonight will be the opening of EURO2012.. yeayyyy!

Poland vs Greece tonight and though I'm not familar with both teams, I'm still gonna watch it coz its the game that would set the pace for the whole tournament.. can't wait!

As for my team, I DID consider changing sides after Italy's bad performance in the two major tournaments RIGHT AFTER they won the World Cup dulu (Sheeshhh.. you'd think they'd wanna defend their title kan.. ini tidak, serah je kat Spain gitu.. huh!) but after thinking, I don't think I could do that. Not much because tak sampai hati (boley?) but more outta loyalty. Besides, this was the team that first made me hooked up on football

Still.. I'm not putting my hopes up high for them anyway.. cukup lah hatiku kuciwa in the last Euro (kick out in the qurter finals) and World Cup (group stage pun dah tak pass weihhh) but I'm still supporting Azzuri.. well, at least as long as their in the competition la kan hehe..

The opening game for Italy.. is against Spain? Huwaa~~ Menakutkan and exciting all at the same time!

Anyway.. here's to a great tournament.. and sleepless nights for the next three weeks hehe.. 

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