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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For This I Blame: NESCAFE!

When I was younger, I got used to being compared with my sister, Izati. You see, she was fair, even as a child (whilst Mama told me Abah's first reaction to me when I was born was, "Hitam!"). She has long eyelashes that are as curly as a pigs tail and mine a short and razor sharp straight.. and well, the list goes on lah kot hehe..

I'm thinking that it was blessing that I waited for a baby sister for 9 years before getting one.. and had to endure THREE brothers before her as I adored her enough to agree with everyone. The only thing that miffed me was that whenever people praised her in front of me, and I'll be there agreeing with them (while actually telling them to notice how long her eyelashes were.. yeah, I was amazed by them since none of us before her, and after actually, have eyelashes like that!), they'd suddenly look at me as if they'd just noticed me.. AND they'd give me a lame praise, just to make me not feel left out.. I think la!

That annoyed me to hell as
1. I wanted them to look at how beautiful my baby sister was
2. Even as a kid I KNEW those praises weren't sincere hahah..

However, there's one praise that I got frequently enough to make me believe this was the ONE AND ONLY thing that was true.. and that is about my teeth!

And I guess the only reason I believe this one thing is because even my dentist (no matter how many of them I meet) always say the same thing.. I've got surprisingly white teeth!

So yeah, I grew to love my teeth after that la kot since I was always insecure about everything else about myself hehe.. evenmore when a few coursemates came to me one day (and these are people I've never spoken to before) to ask me how do I take care of my teeth (any treatments or whatsoever).. ok! Mcm lawak, kan hehe..

My friend, Mazrizul a.k.a Bob till now calls me Hantu Gigi Putih (don't ask me why ade 'hantu' kat depan tu)

Anyway, on the previous Teacher's Day, some students had wanted to take a picture with the camera-shy me.. I was trying to get away but somehow they managed to capture a picture of us together and a few days later, they had posted it in FB.

To my horror, my teeth were terrible!!

Lemme show you:


Huwaaaa.. no longer pearly white.. now I have nothing to be proud of <--Ok, seryes mengade!

But still, I couldn't believe how 'yellow' they were and I kept racking my brains trying to figure out why.. and then it downed to me: Nescafe!

You see, I only started drinking those Nescafe Lattes a few years ago.. 6 years ago to be exact! I remember it coz it was during the time I was doing my write-up for my MSc dissertation. Before that, I almost NEVER drank Nescafe. You can ask my family, I use to only drink tea and if Mama made Nescafe for breakfast or tea, I'd usually make a pot of tea (or milo). If we went to somebody's house and they served Nescafe, I'd only drink a bit, just to be polite. When I started drinking then, I only drank Nescafe to help me stay up during my writing.. but then I go hooked up!

Grr.. now look at what it has done to my teeth!

Whatodo?!? Whatodo?!?

I'm thinking.. maybe I should lay off on the Nescafe. I still have 5 tins in my fridge (I usually keep them there so I don't have to buy before my classes). I guess I'm gonna finish off these 5 tins then I'm gonna go on a Nescafe strike..

Huh! See if I don't!! *cross finger*

Ohhh.. my teeth~~


Drama Mama said...

saya nampak gigi awak putih ja ok!!!!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahah.. thanx for the vote of confidence.. but I know what I see in the mirror nowadays.. huwaaa~~