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Friday, June 29, 2012

Half-time for Italy vs Germany

What a great first half.. woohoo~~

And to think that they were the underdogs for this match but look at that, TWO beautiful goals from Mario Balotelli..

..and I was afraid when I saw him coz, though I’ve never really seen him play, I’ve heard people say he performs depending on his mood which is at the end of two extremes.. either VERY GOOD, or very bad.
But when he had ran into Gomez and quickly apologized, I was assured that this was the GOOD Balotelli.. yeay!

And as I said in my FB status earlier: 

Clash of the two Marios.. one who is in for the Golden Boot and the other who has (Gian)Luigi on his side hehe.. Since Mario and Luigi always save the day, I'm thinking, this could be the case for today, perhaps? =p

*crossing fingers.. BOTH hands! Hahah..*

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