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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yess.. tak kalah! Heheh.. boley?

So two nights ago was Italy's opening match against Spain.. AND I COULDN’T WATCH I! Arrrggghhhh~~

Still, the good news is, Italy and Spain were tied, yeay! Hahah.. why ‘yeay’ instead of ‘dang’ you might say? 

Coz Spain is now the number 1 team in the world. The reigning Euro champios as well as the World Champions ok.. ingat nak kene belasah teruk dah but being tied is sooo much better.

Didn’t help that all the while, Lan kept updating me on how great the game was.. ughhhh.. But good ol’ Kay was kind enough to say only GOOD things about the Italians (she was also watching) as she too gave me periodic updates.. God bless ‘em hehe..

And to think that even if I could watch, I probably wouldn’t have coz I had a workshop in Penang the next morning which means lepas Subuh (yg awal.. bkn ala gajah style!) already kene siap for the two-day SMART Ranger Workshop tu..

..NAHHH~~ Konpem sy tgk jugak punye hahah. Ngantuk is like belakang kire dah la kot coz this is MY TEAM we’re talking about.

I DID got to bed but got up not 10 minutes later.. just knew I couldn’t sleep till I knew the results coz though Italy is my favourite, Spain come close! AND, my fav two goalkeepers are there!

And to think I miss their first match.. haiyaa~~ Tp seb bek korang TAK kalah, tak la ralat sgt.

Hmm.. 2nd game with Croatia pun bakal miss gak ni.. Can also watch the one against Ireland! Ireland?!?! *sigh* 

Jadik la.. just hoping it won’t be the ONE AND ONLY Italy game I get to watch. The nightmare of being kicked out the group stages during World Cup still haunts me ßdrama or what?

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