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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

..and kebengongan Ayu continues! But..

Yesterday morning: Realized I lost my IC

Last night: Washed my clothes with my SMART CARD in my trackbottom pocket.. siap berSoftlan bagai kad matrik ku itu..

*Nak nangis dah time niiii.. tp cepat² laugh at my stupidity so I won't be silly enough to cry*

This afternoon: My worthy beater pulled a stunt on me and jammed right in the middle of beating egg whites for a new recipe I got..

Dan² lah terbayang having to go report on the lost of my IC to the police. Then heading off to the Jabatan Pendaftaran for a new IC. Not to mention the RM100 penalty. THEN go to the Pendaftaran of the campus for a new smart card.. WITH a penalty of RM60. THEN go find a new beater if I wanna do something for Nurul and Farah for their convo on Saturday.. at least another RM80 there..

..and this month is supposed to be my birthday month. My I'm-30-this-year month. My milestone month. My I'm-gonna-treat-myself month. My luckiest month of the year!

:( :( :(

..and the pathetic me got to cry ALONE in my kitchen while clutching my 'retired' beater. This is JUST NOT MY DAY, WEEK, MONTH!

I just continued beating the mixture with sore hands while trying my best not to cry again and forgetting, at least for a while, of the missing/damaged cards. Then, after I popped the unsatisfactory mixture in the oven, I just curled up on the sofa and tried to pretend things were juts peachy.. and failing miserably.

But I forgot the power of small things.. and friends!

A friend wanting to share good news had to endure my whining (I didn't mean to blurt it out but couldn't help it) and outta the blue, a joke that I supposed to understood came out.. and I didn't get it at first (punye la selfish focusing on ME!)

But when repeated the second time and when I finally got it, I was suprised to find myself bursting out loud laughing.. and feeling ashamed of myself for being too focused on me!

Thanx! :)

Guess I'll leave my whining for another day then, huh? Hehehehe..


Drama Mama said...

cheer up buddy! things only could get better, insyaAllah! eh, i know i ask u this EVERY SINLGE YEAR without fail, but bday awak berapa haribulan eh? hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahahaha.. ni yg merajuk nihhhhhhhhhhhhhh

along nordin said...

kesiannya ilang IC,xpe mesti ada hikmah tu,xmau la sedih2 ye kak,cheer up,hadiahkan sumthing sweet for u walaupun x mahal tp hati suka kan kan

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Tu laaa.. nasib la kan.. maybe ade something bes ke utk akak minggu ni, mane tau kan :)