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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Once upon a time ago..

*I actually wasn't sure if I wanted to share this in my blog yang takde la sape bace pun kan, thankfully! It isn't something big pun, just a sweet memory that instead of making me cry now, made me smile the other day when it suddenly came back to me. Just thought of writing it down in case one day I forget that sweet things DO happen to me.. ni pun ntah² ade 2-3 fakta yg salah kan, kot la I remember it differently so I'll write it as I remember it now*

Exactly 10 years ago, it was the eve of my 20th birthday. To me, birthdays are big deals but since I was just a freshman in university and didn't have any real close friends then (Ye ke? Kecik ati diorg haha..), I felt a bit ashamed to tell everyone it was my 20th birthday.. a new milestone in my life. The start of the decade full of learning and full of hopes for the future.. I just kept quiet about it!

I wasn't using a mobile then, so I didn't expect birthday wishes from my family that night. But I knew that I'd have piles of cards from family and friends waiting at home for me and that was enough for me so I didn't mind that no one in the campus knew it was my birthday (Only Civil students were in the campus then. My roomate who knew about my birthday, even waited for it, pun dah balik time tu coz it was already the start of the semester break for other schools).

That night I was in Lin's room with a few friends. We were just passing time as we only had our Practical Training in the mornings and afternoons so we were free all night long.

I was silently counting the minutes to midnight while laughing with my friends. Just wanted to know the exact moment I turned from a teenager to a 20-year-old.

Then Lin's phone rang and I quickly turned away, wanting to give privacy to her and Hairi (her then boyfriend, now father of her three cute children.. I was her bridesmaid on her wedding ☺) After a few seconds, Lin nudged me and handed the phone to me.. to my suprise!

I mean, I didn't give her number to my parents ke ape ke so I was a bit confused on who was searching for me.

Turned out, it was a friend of mine and he asked me to come down to meet him..

..more confused than ever here!

He was at his aunts in Lumut, it was raining heavily and had came here to wish me a happy 20th birthday.


I ignored the card and just looked at him.. I guess, at that exact moment, I DID develop a small crush on him just because I didn't know that he knew my birthday. We'd been friends for more than a year then from KMK right to this campus but he never once asked me about my birthday, even playfully. And I never told him anyway since it didn't seem that important to me but I didn't know it was important to him.. well, sorta hahah..

(It was not until my final year did I know, he also knew my IC number and had checked my final year results online with that number.. citt!)

Hmm, yes! I did develop a crush on him. Just a small one that went away once the novelty of being 20 faded, I guess.. even if, from then to the year after we graduated I told everyone we had no feelings for each other, I KNOW at that first birthday he wished me, I did have a crush on him.

A sweet way to enter my 20s huh.. to me la at least. Thats what made me smile a few nights ago went I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to that memory..

He never forgot my consequent birthdays after that.. a few of them at least. Right until the time we stopped talking. (On the last birthday before we stopped talking, he even called at midnight to sing a birthday song but stopped mid-sentance coz he said he didn't have a good voice)

And now we don't talk at all..

..and yes, Baizurah, its IM!

No lah, I'm no sad. In fact, I'm happy.. to realize that though I always complain about my life, every now and then, something sweet DOES pop out.. and I thank Him for reminding me about it.
Actually I received a suprise card and present form Un the next day.. thanx Un! ☺ Sy still simpan scruncie awak bg kat sy tu.. kelabu with lace and beads. Sangat tak sange org macho cam Un leh kasi sy bende yg girly heheh.. ☺☻☺


tun~teja said...

HeHeHe kak ayu, simpan sebagai kenangan terindah.

Yours truly said...

alahai sgt tersentuh jiwa nih..huhuhu
tak per kak yong..isnya Allah you'll find someone special again! ;-)

*doa from a lil girl who still feels hopeless in love! haha

haizacollection said...

....then,,let I be your bridesmaid..:)....ayu....biler..nape lin lupe ekk..sape2,,ehehhehehe..

un said...

hahaha,...macho ke saya....hehe...wei masih simpan kenangan lama yek.... :) takpe2, sweet memories are remain tak?

Drama Mama said...

i knew it! :-p at least u haf something sweet to remember him with ;-)

now why don't u make ur own sweet memories? in case u tak dapat cari bridesmaid, i can be urs. hahahahhahaha

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ayu.. wish you good luck and happy on your birthday.
May Allah bless you always..


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Nomi: Tu la.. skrg leh la senyum.. dulu klau ingt, konpem 'ujan' hehe..

Ayeen: Sgt instantly aminkan what you said hahahah.. takpe Ayeen, we learn kann :)

Haiza=Lin? Waaaa, mane jumpe blog sy nih?!?!! Hahahaha.. malu la pulakkk.. kantoii

Un: Hahah.. musti la.. ingt tak time² ni la kite wat keje gi tgk movie kul 10pg, and kite 2 org je dlm cinema tu hehehe..

Bai: Btul³.. tp so hard la making new memories ni.. btw, Lin dah volunteer anak dia jadik flower girls nnt hehe.. how bout Irfan jadik ring bearer? <-- Ayu gatal wpun takde lg plan utk kawennye hahaha..

Anonymous: Sape ni ye? Thanx for the wish :)

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have something sweet blooms forever than having it becomes a cherished memory. I guess we are in the same position. It makes me smile when it flashes back, but when think too hard on it makes me sad. But who are we to decide. Allah knows best. Hope for something that will turn out better in the future. Gud luck =)

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Anonymous: I know.. but as humans, its not really in our hands kan?

Its not that I'd rather have memories than the real thing jugak.. but the wanting drove me so crazy all those years ago.. and believe me, it WAS for YEARS haha.. there were times I thought I'd be okay but the next day I'd feel so broken.. maybe thats why, at least in this case, I'm glad I remember the good memories of it now instead of the bad things that happen.. like you, it hurts when I think about it too hard and its already 7 years..

Thanx for your wish and amin for both of us :)