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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sy takut, ok!

Now, most of you know I'm a tutor at a nearby tuiton centre. I'm guessing I'm the cutest shortest tutor there is there but that doesn't stop me from loving what I do.. though from time to time, I DO get a bit tired of these kids hehe.. biase la tu kan..

Anyway, being short has a lot of disadvantages.. especially when your students are mostly taller than you. Not being taken seriously is one of them and when I have groups of students (usually male) who think they own the world, it get a bit harder at times..

..still, these thing seldom happen so I'm quite glad for that.

But yesterday was a different story.

I came to class as usual and handed out the questions for the day. Then I went down to go get my register and noticed someone filling in a form near the table where they keep the registers. At first glance, I thought it was a young father filling in a form for a primary-school kid perhaps.. then I went back to my noisy, cheeky class.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and imagine my suprise when Mr Daddy was ushered into my class as MY NEW STUDENT! I was too suprised to realize he was a student, and not a parent while the other boys were just glad to have another guy in the class. Still, the guys in front (Yes, I do have a lot of male students who like to sit up front) were not convinced and whispered to me asking if it was, "Teacher punye lecturer yang dtg nak observe teacher mengajar.."


As we continued our lesson, I went to Mr Daddy to give him his set of questions and was immediately uncomfortable when he kept looking at me from head to toe. I told myself, I guess he just doesn't believe I'm not old enough to be a good teacher so I was set to prove him wrong.

But throughout the class, Mr Daddy just kept staring at me and I started to get worried. I mean, I was just wearing some t-shirts and jeans pun smlm, not a good first impression for a teacher kan?

Then I heard the boys at the back talking with him and laughing so I just ignored them since diorg ni memang suke main pun. As I was teaching some students in front, one boy from the back came to me whispering.

I told him to speak up since I couldn't hear what he was saying and the conversation went something like this..

Boy: Cikgu, cikgu kene baik² sikit tau dengan budak baru tu
Me: Kenape pulak?
Boy: Tadi dia bgtau kat budak² belakang tu, dia geram la tengok cikgu..
Me: Eh.. kenape dia marah sy pulak? Dia kan baru masuk arini, sy pun tak sempat nak garang² lagi ngan dia..

(That was my lame attempt at a joke)

Boy: Isyy, cikgu ni lembap la..
Me: Aik, ape ni ckp sy lembap?
Boy: Cikgu tak paham ke maksud sy ape?
Me: Ape?
Boy: Dia kate dia 'geram' tengok cikgu..

And when the meaning suddenly downed to me, I was afraid. Gile ape budak ni cakap camtu. And he was telling the boys at the back about 'how he was looking at me'..

Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. ape ni?

Yang budak² belakang tu pulak, you know la teenange boys, suke sgt la bile org cakap camtu. As for me, I was just wishing for 10.05pm to come ASAP.

The boys in front were worried (bless them) and told me not to go to the back that much. They even accompanied me down when it was time to go home.. sweet kan?

But this new student?!?! Tolong..

Worse thing is: He knows I'm afraid of him!

I am SO not looking forward to this class next week. Melampau tak klau I complain on him ek? I'm seriously terrified..


irnis said...

ayu, klu next class dia masih buat mcm tu better pi complain mintak budak tu masuk kelas lain ke

MiszNurulhuda said...

yeah that right.. boys nowaday sometimes very dangerous than men..
becareful k... :)

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Irnis: Tu la pasal.. risau je nak tunggu kelas next week

Dgon: Tp dia tak nmpk cam boy pun.. tu yg lagi risau.. klau bdk² ni, diorg setakat cakap je lebey.. tp bile bkn bdk ni, takut dia ngajar bkn²

MiszNurulhuda said...

bukan budak?? pelik nih.. baik kak ayu cek umur die.. tah2 stalker kot.. ish3..