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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sy ilang IC.. *sedey mode*

This morning, I got ready to go to the bank to cash in my tuition check (Yeayy, kaye sekejap!), while mentaling deducting all 'deductables' from the total and wondering what I could by for my birthday heheh..

Outside, I was humming (sbb perasan cam bnyk je duit lebih bulan ni kunun) along to numerous songs yang dimix-up sesuke hati and almost shrieked when I noticed a large belalang kunyit on the side of my car.. giler terkejut! But I thought grasshoppers were meant to bring luck..

..throughout the journey to Bagan Serai (could only cash the cheque there.. cehh, nyusahkan je kene gi jauh²), I made up an entry about the grasshopper which was hanging on to his dear life as I sped towards Bagan Serai. Respect woo sama lu, Incik Belalang! He was still hanging on to my car when we arrived at Bagan Serai hehe..

I was in luck as the bank was almost empty and 3 counters were opened. Thus, when I took my number, it was immediately called. Suke!

Then I handed my cheque but realized something amiss..

Haaaaaa! Mane IC sy ni?!!?!?!

I felt the colour drain from my face as I searched around for my IC and the guy at the counter noticed my discomfort. Luckily, they accepted my driving license for the transaction but still..

Mane IC sy ni?!?!

I've been looking for it everywhere since and I've NEVER lost it. Sgt kecewe when I can't even remember when I last saw it..

Tonight I'm gonna turn the house upside down searching for it but if I still can't find it, alamat ke police station la esok pagi before going to the Jabatan Pendaftar for another IC..

Terbang RM100!! ~~~

Please.. pleaaaaseee let it be at home.. SOMEWHERE!


mast@work said...

lerrr.. tak pasal2 kena kuar duit instead masuk.. huhu..

sabaq noooo

Drama Mama said...

haaa yu dah jumpa ka blom?????

Miss SyaSity said...

lorr..sha 2 kali ilang ic..tension2

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Mas: Tu la pasal.. sedey! Dah la syg IC tuh.. muke baru balik jemur tgh panas mase LI tuhh.. priceless weihh heheh..

Bai: Blum.. already made a new one and I hate my photo.. huwaaaa

Sha: Uik.. 2 kali tuhh hehe..