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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quick cupcake update

Just a quick update.. more pictures than writings.

Last week, Mas asked me to make come cupcakes for Dr Fauziah, her dear 'mummy' in school here, kan Mas ☺ I don't really take orders since I'm still not confident but since I had time on my hands, plus I had the insomnia problem, I thought I'd give it a try.

Still, takkan nak buat balloon² or clown² kot kan utk Dr Fauziah kan? Dekat one hour jugak la nak pk what kinda design I should do (sib baik insomniac kan haha..) and in the end just decided to do simple rosettes..

..but I found out my rossette skills dah berkarat upenye haha! Mase awal² dulu I kept making rossettes sampai boring kan so dah lame tak buat. And since I didn't want it to turn sgt la tak nmpk like rose, I decided to alternate with a simple design I've been meaning to try.

So happy birthday to Dr Fauziah.. though I konpem tak berani nak tanye umor dia kan hehe..

Then on Thursday, my students contacted me via sms pun ade, FB pun ade informing of the birthday of one student the next day when we had class. At first I decided to just give him a birthday card sbb seryes rase tak sempat nak buat cakes. Then the next day I checked my 'inventory' and realized, I had all the stuff I needed so kelas kul 8.15pm but 4.30pm baru nak start buat hahah.. agak la kelab kabut but thank God I managed..

Also designs I've been meaning to try.. not designs la.. pernah je buat smiley ni but wanted to do colourful ones instead of the usual yellow ones so tadaa..

Agak la jugak mau gelak when Helmi termalu² bile presented with the cakes haha.. so to him jugak, Happy birthday yaaaa.. ☺

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Drama Mama said...

kak ayu, birthday Irfan coming soon! :-p