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Monday, March 22, 2010

Entry penggunaan oven maximum haha.. =p

Okay, enough of last weeks bad luck. I actually went out to buy a new mixer just a day or two after the mixer disaster hehe.. melayang la duit but I was thinking of Nurul and Farah at the time.

Anyway, just wanted to paste my not-so-good photos from my phone camera. First one up is the reason for the mixer disaster, my Japanese Cotton Cheesecake yg sgt sy rasekan tidak jadi and I'm blaming my beater that quit on me at the last hour. Yup, I'm NOT gonna say I'm not a good cook heheh.. aci?

Recipe given to me by my junior, Aimy Masturah.

Next one are peanut butter bars. Been wanting to try making them for a while now but tidak berkesempatan. So in order to try out my new mixer, this was what I did hehe.. This is the picture after spreading the topping of choc+cornflakes+more peanut butter..

..and this plak after cutting into bite-sizes!

Then comes the konvo cupcakes. The reason I REALLY wanted my beater to function properly. Still, I stayed up till morning (no sleep) to cook and clean the house since my cousin's family would be coming here for her graduation. I only managed to decorate my cupcakes at 5.00am, after cleaning up the house and done half the cooking required. Penaaaaatttt (my excuse for cupcakes yg tak cantik.. mcm la sblm ni buat cantik sgt pun kan) So, tadaaa..

Boley la kan.. huhuh.. (Tolong la kate boleh, pleaseeeee!)

Then as usual, bile ade lebey, mule la carik mangse so these I gave to the guards on duty hehe..


Drama Mama said...

amboi ayu ngorat pak guard! hahaha...btw, serious cun la cuppies tu..i saw in Fb and i like it!

nak recipe cheese cake!!!

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hahahaha.. bkn laaaaa ;p Saje kasik je..

Cheesecake mane? I have a few.. 3 je yg penah try

Yours truly said...

kak yong, bila nak baked for me??? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Mana gambar mixer baru? hehe..

ayu, ana tetiba terliur tgk gambar peanut butter bar tuu

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ayeen: Sile dtg sini :)

Ana: Hahaha.. mixer biru baru ku =p