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Friday, April 02, 2010

Birthday entry.. tuition version.. again?!?!

Thee heee..

Yup, another birthday entry under the tuition category haha.. still not able to update on my birthday (mcm org nak bace sgt kaaaannn) due to insufficient pictures yang perlu dikutip from a few 'personels' ☺

As usual, for my birthday week I'd bring treats for my students and as said in the previous entry, this year I decided to make them myself but due to time constraits, I had to make the cupcakes batch by batch anytime I was free. As a result, I got different decorations for each batch. It wouldn't matter if it was a small class where I'd manage to give the same deco, but for large classes like both my form 5 classes, not all students got the same deco.

For this class, I decided to make my signature 'smiley' deco as I did for Helmi's birthday. The other half of the class got the 'Dr Fauziah' type of deco, only this time I decided to try it with blue buttercream and the result..

Still need practicing, huh?

Anyway, I really wanted to talk about the suprise my studetns gave me. Upon walking in the class, some boys promptly sang 'Happy Birthday' but I just smiled though I wondered how DID they know about my birthday. Throughout the class, the kids teased me about my age haha..

Then, in the middle of the class, I popped out for a while to fetch my cupcakes (which was supposed to be my suprise to them). When I returned to class, a whole group of students were missing. Feeling a bit annoyed, I waited for the for around 5 minutes before deciding I didn't wanna waste more time and proceeded to continue with the teaching.

I was writing on the board when once again the class erupted into a birthday song for me. I pretended to cover my ears (they had told me they wanted to throw some eggs at the birthday girl.. aiyak! Of course la I tak ngaku I just had my birthday kannnn) but when they continued singing, I turned around to ask them to lower their voices (I was afraid we were disturbing the other classes) and was greeted by..


And thus, I got another cake for my birthday heheh..

Actually I wanted to wait for other pictures from my students tp tak larat la pulak nak tunggu so I'll put only the picture of the cake here. Thanx to my students for the nice suprise :)

Malu pun ade hahah..

Also did some cupcakes for Kut's birthday.. main with fondant lagik and seriously need more practicing

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Drama Mama said...

ayu the blue and white ones tu cantik la. color combo pun ok, the red loves tu bagi nampak naik. ur getting more creative! chaiyok!