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Monday, April 05, 2010

Finally.. my big 3-0 birthday entry ☺

Bak kate Nomi, this is my 'entry wajib' everytime my birthday comes around hehe..

Usually, I'd list down all the well-wishers in my blog as a token of my appreciation.. cehh! Mcm la blog ni bagus sgt kan.. bes abis la tu klau name tersenarai haha.. But taking a leaf outta last years book, I decided against it. This is because, last year I seemed to miss out so many names and was constantly editing the said entry to add all other names I forgot. Malu okay, being reminded that you've forgotten someone haha..

So this year, I'll just talk about my birthday.. boley?

*Sgt narcisstic je bunyi nye haha..*

It started with me being kidnapped by my neighbours the night before. Salleh kept asking me what time I finished my class and I just thought they wanted to go for some late supper. I became a bit suspicious when I realized their whole house was going out too.. alamak! Nak ngenekan ape plak ni diorg nih?

I rode with Rashid and was relieved when he said he wanted to pick up Ija, Anim and Jaja. We arrived at Anisani and waited for Salleh, Dayah and Arif to arrive. Sementara to, we looked through the menu for something to eat la kan.. lapo la jugak..

When they arrived, Dayah came bearing a cake.. tadaaa.. my 1st cake for the start of my 4th decade in this world (NO! I'm NOT 40 laaa.. I said start of my 4th decade.. I'll only be 40 at the start of my 5th decade kaaannn.. ramai yg konpius hehe..)

Chumel!! Suke! Then Sepul (who had a lighter in his pocket) was in charge of lighting the candles..

..and I was told to blow the candles.. with a wish la.. not less! :) Wanna know what I wished for? Heheh..

Then it was the 'cutting-the-cake-stage'. Sayang woo nak bukak those cute colourful candles..

And here's me with the one responsible for my 1st cake :)

After that, bermula lah sesi makan for us yg sedikit la lapo jugak..

Then here's me with my neighbours (well, part of them la..)

And here's me with my 'adik²' who made me smile that night :):):)

The next morning, I came to school and was greeted by another 'cake' by Irnis.. chumel kan this hand towel :)

Then that noon, Remy came for his promise to belanja us. Little did I know, he also bought a cake with him.. yeayyy!

So here's us waiting for Salleh and the gang. Ternampak persamaan muke Irnis ngan Rahim here kan :)

Then here's us when Salleh and the gang dah sampai..

..and another angle of our long table. Abis la remy kene banjer ramai orang hehe..

Then I got to see what my cake was.. Yippee! Choc Indulgence.. my fav!!

And another 'tiup lilin' experience with the same wish heheh..

Semua org tersandar kekenyangan after an hour of feasting hehe.. thanx to Remy. As we started to head back to school, abg Azahar called with another cake to give me :) But since we were all full, this cake was decided to be cut in school..

See, the birthday girl has to put her own candles on the cake hehe..

And here's the cake.. yummy!

Another photo before cutting the cake.. and wishing the same wish whilst blowing the candles ;)

Seriously, sgt kenyang ok.. and I was thinking of not eating any cake for at least a month.. but..

Petang tu suprise from Shahril pulak :) My favourite choc cake made by him.. yeayy! And his signature pulut kuning with chicken curry yg seriously sedap. Sgt lembut the pulut with just the right taste coupled with thick chicken curry yg mmm-mmm.. all my favourites! Sampaikan hadiah² yg dibwkkan sekali pun diabaikan seketika while I drooled over the food :)

Like I said in my FB status at the end of that day: Perfect ending to a perfect day ☺☻☺

But as I've raved in my blog haha.. it didn't end there! I got another two suprises from my students in Jawi..

..and my students in Pt Buntar!

Gosh! Who would've thought turning 30 would be so much fun kannnn heheh..

So to everyone who wished me a happy birthday: Thank you for making my day so special! Love you guys sooooooo much and I wish for the same great birthday to all of you when its your turn to celebrate coz I REALLY enjoyed myself :)


are_shie said...

banyak giler kek besday.. 5 tahun tak yah buat besday party dah.. hahaha..

tun~teja said...

hmmm...banyak kali wish utk birthday wish. Agaknya apa yang kak Ayu wish ni ek.. :-p

dianais said...

i guess im just not a person who celebrates..

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Mash: Ahahaha.. amboi.. umoq 36 la baru leh sambut balik ek? =p

Nomi: Hahahaha..

Dian: Alaaa.. you should! New decade maaaaa :)

amy said...

bestnya dpt byk kek :D saya nk sebijik pn pyh.

Leez@rt said...

wah kak ayu...sangat tak sangka banyak sngt kek..tapi apa pun..i get to taste three of them!! and celebrated 2 of ur bday parties!! hahaha..bes2..nk tunggu bday kak ayu lagi tahun depan..adeh...double meaning tu...meaning that i would still be here next year?? hahaha

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ami: Sini kitorg satu family yg sgt besaq :D

Ija: Hahahah.. takpe, akak doakan for your sake, you takde and dah selamat abis masters time tuh.. boleh?