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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ilang serabut jap..

Actually I'm not being fair to my other studetns who had given me some Teacher's Day gifts. I hadn't actually planned to write anything for Teacher's Day since I seem to be writing the same thing all over again every year as evidently seen here (2008), here (2007) and here (2005).. I was actually wondering where my 2006 entry had gone to but when I went through the entries during that period, I realized I must've forgotten Teahcer's Day altogether that year as it wass around this time that I got THE invitation card that broke me.. (360! blog)

Anyway, these past two week have been quite a stressful period for me. The constant I-wanna-cry feeling mixed with the I-hate-myself feelings and so much more. One thing though, I realized, though I sometimes complain of my classes (mostly to myself je la), through these two weeks, THEY have been the sunshine that peeks through once in a while. Its hard to feel sad in those classes, and I thank God for making my 'boss' give me a class nearly everyday (which I had actually complained about when I first got my class schedules).

Last night was another sleepless night for me.. last² melayan quiz² ngarut in FB. Was getting a bit worried when I realized it was 8.00am and I still hadn't slept a wink. Bkn ape, I don't wanna be cranky in class.. then one of my favourite students smsed me. Hmm, I seem to have a lot of favourite students eh hehe.. Last week tu budak len, this week was a boy with the name of Hafizuddin.

First time I met him, I thought he was shy.. Now I don't think so.. but he IS quiet la. Shy? No longer, especially when he has questions to ask me. He's the dream-student of every teacher, with a lot of questions and requests for more work haha.. Slacknye, with him being so scholarly, I can't be close to him like my other students. Tak pandai la nak joke around with him like I do to other students.. but thats okay! I still like him :) REALLY like him, in fact..

..anyway, he was asking for more exercise for this school break and of course la I was happy. He was also asking me to come early, much to my suprise since I usually coach him between classes je, seldom before my own class. I just figured he had questions regarding the last two topics he told me about earlier (budak ni boley study sendiri.. sy dulu, jgn harap laaaa! Tunggu cikgu Nooriah ajar dulu, baru sanggup nak study kat umah.)

He came smiling to me as I was struggling with my books from my car (budak ni muke bersih giler.. you can;t help smiling at him!) and handed me this..

..automatiknye, senyum ku bertambah lebar hahah.. Especially after reading what he wrote in the card!

Like I said, I'm not being fair. Nape adiah Hafizuddin je masuk blog hahah.. my alasan is that the other gifts are at home and I'm currently in school after coming straight here after class. The actual reason is, I REALLY needed a smile and some kind words and this came just in time :)

Thanx! :)
I could now actually have a cabinetful of mugs I've got as gifts hehe.. this will be another addition to it :)

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