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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why I was so excited waiting for today :D

Teachers Day?
Nope! Not really..

Bowling tournament?
Hmm, ade le kene ngene skit.. but its not THAT!

Heheh.. so why ah?

Hehehe.. chumel tak? I ordered these for the bowling tournament. Made sure everyone got one each. Ade la extra for my kakak² opis kak Ja and kak Hafsah. Then untuk kak Shelly for helping me with the ribbons :) Jugak for ibu mengandung kite, Mas.

NO! I DID NOT make them. I wish I was creative enough though. Mama is creative. She took a cake decorating class when we were in Newcastle after she finished her degree. Since Abah still hadn't finished his PhD, she took this class and every week we were treated to her creations. I grew up with the most beautiful cakes to take to class every year when it was my birthday. I wish she still made them though.. she could make tonnes of money out of her talent.. I rmember when she did one for abg Lan, my cousin's, wedding. I loved it!!

I also ordered another one hehe.. actually a bit terbalik la kot haha.. I didn't realize it was teachers day but I bought these for my students. They are smack in the middle of exams right now and I thought I'd cheer them up, alang² dah order cuppies from kak Wan ni kan, order je la lebey hehe..

I loved that 'pengkamiran' formula one hehe.. sape tah amik.

I just realized: I didn't get one! Aiyaaaaaaaa..

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