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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Transport Modelling Workshop

I've actually forgotten about this workshop, due to the excitement of waiting for the bowling tournament. But yesterday, I found this photo in Dr Wan's FB hehe..

We took this picture right after the workshop. Well, I won't say its a workshop, more like a few people 'advertising' their software for use in transport modelling. Some softwares were quite interesting due to its ability to project the outcome in a 3D video form. Almost 'nganga' la watching those haha.. and quite impressed to since the desicion makers ni kan not all from the engineering side so usually when we want to present anything, you could almost see them in their blur trance-like state, pretending to understand what we were trying to tell them. When we have these 3D videos as an alternative to portray the outcome, klau diorg tu tak paham gak lagik, tatau la kaaannn..

There were also the usual lullaby-like presentations that would have lulled us to sleep if not because we kept having ideas on what to whisper about haha.. though a pak cik in front of me actually dozed off.

All in all, okay la kot. All softwares boast on GIS intergration and one new software caught my attention as it can do analysis on motorcycles (which have usually been cast-off in the analysis). I immediately thought of Leong as she's the motorcycle expert in our school and I'd certainly love to learn to use it one day. Its been quite a hassle la jugak kan using softwares that disregard the number of motorcycles on roads when Malaysia punye motorcycles are almost 40% of the total vehicles on road. I hope we'd buy that software though :)

Anyway, in regards of teachers day, in the above photo is one of my mentors, Dr Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim. He was my (and Un's) PA during our undergraduate studies and we always found way to NOT see him haha.. student² yg ampeh!

Even during my M.Sc, when he was my SV, I avoided him. He was the cause of many tears during my writing period and he once told me I had the worst English he had ever seen *sedey*

But thanx to him, I 'created' history by having a 30-minute only viva! Yeay! Much to the disbelief of my friend who just had a 3-hour viva the month before. I guess the tear were worth it so..

THANX DR WAN.. opppsss!

Silap weih.. Prof Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim! :)

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