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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Weekend Project :)

Just came back from KL for the Transport Modelling Workshop. Since I didn't have much money on me, I didn't buy anything.. luckily, I'm not the type that like shopping kan! Except when it comes to bookstores la kaaaaann hehe.. So there's no entry on going to KL lah kot ni. But I wanna write about my project for Sunday of last weekend.

In the morning (Read: AFTER waking up pas tido after Subuh :p), did the usually once-a-week look over gor the house before settling to what I've been planning to do for weeks now. Ape ye? Heheh..

Jeng.. jeng!

Took a few hours whipping it up though since I don't have an electric mixer. Mix by hand maaa.. Exercise tangan hehe.. Was really excited on my very first try of it. At least I put my oven to full use dah kan :)

So after I took it outta the oven and let it cool a bit, dengan poyonye I sent that picture to almost everyone. Tau ape deme teke?


Huh! I'm insulted! Dari Izati ke Ana ke Adi ke Bart ke Ikram. Izati said it looked like overcooked sauce on the pizza with almond-shaped cheese pieces while Ana said it looked like it had mushrooms on top. Aiyaaaaaa.. sungguh kuciwe!

I let it cool a bit in the fridge before trying it that afternoon.. then thought of taking another picture of it.

..after this picture, BARU sumer org teke ngan betul! Hehe.. yeay!

Baked cheesecake! The name given on the recipe is Italian Oreo Cheesecake. I was a bit afraid of giving it around since I personally prefered the unbaked version.. but to my suprise, it received thumbs up from everyone. Yeay! <--Sekali lagi, this is NOT my own recipe! Sy amik dari buku so no reason utk sy kate 'yeay' pun kan hehe..

While waiting for it to bake, I did another favourite green dish..

The baked cheese salad I've grown to love!

Though I have no illusions its gonna help me lose weight (C'mon la, it has CHEESE in it!), but at least I eat a whole lot of greens after discovering (also from a cook book!) this fun way of preparing leafy salads!

Sedap woooo :)

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