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Friday, May 29, 2009

Data ilang?!?!

At least sy dah ade bende baru untuk serabutkan kepale sy.. dari ptg smlm, dah tak pk sgt pasal bende yg 'merunsingkan' fikiran sy tu :(

Semalam pegi Chemor, data collection utk project Prof Meor (still not used to calling him Prof yet.. sib baik he doesn't mind me calling him Dr). Had to collect the volume data for 5 intersections and since we only had 9 enumerators, we had to use 4 handycams to help with the data collection. Me and Man were driving so we both took a camera and site each. The other two were given to Ramadhan and Afzan for the bz Chemor town intersection. Kak Sue, Fira and Zulmi did manual collection at one site while Syafiq and Wani took another site.

After the 1st phase, we went to recharge the batteries on our cameras. Man went through all cameras and he noticed some file 'tak berkenaan' on my camera (muke Hasrul.. Mus doing an 'overview' of the RO room) so he deleted those files..

..somehow, my morning file was also deleted!


Gile tul! Frantically I asked him to recheck and though they (Man and Ramadhan) assured me, the file must've snaked somewhere inside the hardisc of the camera and they'll be able to retrieve it once we connect it to the pc, I still wasn't convinced..

..and true to my non-conviction (perkataan direke sendiri huhu..), we couldn't find the file!

Mati sy!

Ape nak jawab kat Dr Meor..

Aiyoooo, kepale makin berserabut :(

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