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Friday, May 15, 2009

School makeover.. and unfortunate 'individual' as collateral damage! Hehe..

Klau sesape ade bace blog Mas, they'd know our school is going through this make over. The whole school smells of paint and turpentine.. yucky!

However, one plus I saw was the toilet makeover.. lawa wa ckp luuuu! Heheh.. just like toilets we'd want in our own homes (if we could afford it la..) Cantik! Jgn sampai org lagi suke duk toilet dah le kot ekk..

Anyway, personally I think our school looks ugly (Sorry pade sesape yg pilih kaler) We have these mustard-coloured doors all around us. Konpem la tak ngantuk klau dtg school. The door frames plak, grey(?!?) Apekah..

Well, at least tak la cam disaster school Bahan a few years back haha.. I remember telling my frined in Bahan that thier colour reminds me of something that I can't put a finger on. In the end I settled with 'spoilt mustard'.

Tau dia kate ape?

"Ayu buat baik pulak!! Ngaku je la school kitorg kaler t***! Huh, sape tah pilih kaler!!"


Hahah.. a few days later, diorg cat lain kaler school tu heheh..

Anyway, I was going to the toilet when I passed Dr Wan Aminuddin's room. Looky here..

Apekah itu ye?

Here's the closeup..

Heheh.. cian! Mangse keadaan :)

P/S Sowi kualiti gambo tak seberape :p But the lalat already 4-5 days stuck there maaaa..

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