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Friday, May 22, 2009

Small things can cheer you up :)

I was feeling a bit blue yesterday afternoon. Something came up and I was more than a bit upset. Went home and had a good cry until I fell asleep.

Woke up around 7.00pm without any feelings at all. I was a bit glad of it since I didn't want my form 4 class that night seeing me like that. Got ready and drove to Jawi. But whilst driving, the blues got back to me and I was forcing a smile for 2 of my students sake. They were riding with me to class.. both are in form 5 but they take my form 4 class for revision purposes (and they're actually quite bright!)

Arriving at the tuition centre, I thought I'd take a walk to the farthest shop there, just to hope that the night wind would blow those blues away before my class started. But I guess that didn't work much..


As I went to my car to get my books, I saw one of my form 5 students (he had another class that night!) near my car. I avoided looking at him, just so no one would notice my turned-down mouth. Then..

Student: Cikgu? Nape ni cikgu? Senyum la cikgu. Sy tak nak la tgk muke cikgu sedih..

I expected to cry, just as I always do when I feel like people are sympathizing me. But to my suprise, I felt my mouth turning upwards. So I looked up at him and..

Student: Haaa, camni la cikgu Ayu yg sy kenal!

Gosh! How could a mere boy cheer me up like that. Just by asking me to smile?

The lump in my throat started to disappear and for once, I was grateful someone said that to me.


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