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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ayu mata 'hadiah'an hehe..

*blink* bunyi mate Ayu disaat entri ini ditulis hehe.. :p


Ain, Fatimah and Atifah were whispering excitedly while I was teaching. not that i'm not used to noisy classes, but they were being mysterious somehow..

Then, when I finished giving them their usual '5-question-exercise' (Rashdev sgt suke perli sy sbb suke bg 5 questions after every subtopic!), I went around checking on their work. It was then that Ain gestured at me to go to her.

I thought she wanted to show me her work when suddenly the three of them shouted, "Happy Teacher's Day"
I regretted saying, "Teachers Day minggu depan laaa.." when I saw their fallen faces. Cepat² nak pujuk, I said thank you and told them they were the first to wish me it. Apparantly, they had gone to buy their Mother's Day gift and I guess they thought it would be a good idea to buy one for me as well hehe..

Thanx korg.. wpun telah diberi amaran supaye JGN BUKAK LAGIK sampai Sabtu depan hehe.. ok!

Aiii, bile la nak dpt adiah Mother's Day pulak kaaaann heheh.. :p


Went to As's kenduri with Bart and Misa. will update later once I upload the pics in my pc. What I wanted to show was the gift.. or rather giftS from Misa which she bought when she was in Sabah!


Heheh, yeay! Bertambah la my bracelet collection :)

Misa actually bought five bracelets for me and Bart to choose, tp sy sgt teruk and maybe my muke sgt la welfare while choosing between these two that in the end Misa bg sy amik 2-2 hahah..

Aiyak! Sgt malu.. tp malu² pun, amik gak tu 2-2 hahah.. Sian Misa dpt kawan cam sy kan hehe.. tp kan Misa, THANX!! Sy mesti pakai dgn bersungguh² nye ni heheh..

Dan jugak, dpt brooch gantung² from Bart dan dipakse oleh Bart utk pakai wpun dia tau sy tak pandai pakai brooch camtu.. adess! Hehe, but thanx for the belated besday present tau Bart :)

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