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Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day

Last week the whole world celebrated one of the oldest professions (Heppp!!! Not talking about THAT 'oldest profession'.. to me, the oldest profession would always be the educators!). Yup, its the time when schools take a day off teaching and spend the day full of teacher-student activities..

A couple of years ago, I had written about the most infuencial (is that even a word?) teachers in my life and you can read the entry somewhere here (this is actually the whole May archive hehe..)

However, the past few years, I've had my own share of being the teacher, instead of the student.. and I understand, its nice to appreciated. You don't have to go buy presents or anything, just a simple gesture from your students who show how much they appreciate you is enough.

Anyway, the week for Teacher's Day was actually an exam week for my students. So imagine how they felt when they had just had a week and half full of exams, then having to come to tuition for class. Then, a few students had decided to miss the class, due to more exams the next day I guess, so most of us weren't in the mood for a class. However, my students were quite cunning. Instead of having to stay in class for one and a half hours, they decided to surprise me with a yummy chocolate cake..

As you can see in the background there right on the white board, I was actually teaching before Sukmit and Vicky decided to bring the cake out. Hehe, was actually suprised as I thought boys usually didn't care for these kinda things.. for example, their Teacher's Day gift for me was a 1.25l bottle of Coke and 5 sticks of Wrigleys Chewing Gum hahah..

Anyway, I guess they thought I'd be mad for the 'interruption' so they had asked the clerks to join us. And here's a picture of some of the students, or should I say this is the picture of the masterminds of the plan :D

The cake was okay, considering I don't really like creamed cakes (except for fresh cream <--Ayu ngade!). We managed to finish the whole cake, with the boys trying their best to prolong the 'party' so they won't have to listen to my teaching haha..

Anyway, among the gifts I got this year, I just can't help to show of this cute coin box (I've got 5 now haha..) given by my sweetest student ever, the petite Shayidah Nafisah from my form 1 class in Bagan Serai. She is sooooooooo sweet, and I'm not saying this because she gave me a gift. Sometimes, when she has other classes, she'd just come to my class and sit down with me while I wait for my other students for no other reason than "..untuk temankan teacher!" She almost always has questions to ask, and she really tries her best in class..

Anyway, I've gotto go home now. My current fav soap opera "Amarte Asi" would be on the tube in a couple of hours so I gotta pray and eat first :D

But to all teachers, who are offically the real people in this profession AND to unoffical teachers as yours truly, I'd like to wish a very Happy Belated Teachers Day.. The world needs you, you know :D

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