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Monday, May 07, 2007

Seethin' Mad X(

I came to school this morning feeling a bit hungry.. well, not exactly a bit, but VERY hungry so I had asked a friend, lets call her F, if she wanted to take lunch and she wanted to but a bit later as she had some labwork to do. I didn't mind since I had some soybean drinks in the fridge.

Anyway, while waiting for her, another friend came in. Lets call her W. To tell you the truth, most of us have been avoiding W for our own personal reasons, including yours truly. But I had noticed since last week, she was quite alone and I pitied her as I, myself, have been avoiding her and I was feeling rather guilty. Anyway, I called out to her and told her I was going for lunch with F and asked if she wanted to join us and instantly she agreed, stating she was VERY hungry.

Well, we waited for F for a while while W did her work and I checked my emails. Every 10 minutes or so W would ask me if F had arrived as she was supposedly hungry and I kept telling her 'not yet' to the point I was getting annoyed as she started being her usual self of b****ing on other people including F, thus reminding me why I was avoiding her.. She kept saying she was gonna miss her favourite food if I still wanted to wait and all that and I was like, 'go yourself laaaaa'.. but dalam hati je laa..

Then, suddenly outta nowhere, I assumed outta frustration that I wasn't going to leave F and just go eat with her, she declared that she didn't wanna eat. When I asked her why, she started doing all those ayat kesian she loved to do to make me feel guilty. I was already irritated as she usually DOES manage to make me feel guilty.. like 'ye laa, tanak makan ngan dia' and all those but I had promised F and she already knew that!!! AND I was waiting and making sure I didn't leave her.. did she think of THAT?!?!

So I pujuk her, told her it won't be long. Even offered some snacks for her as she had earlier said she was sooo hungry but then she started talking about wanting to go on a diet pulakkk.. Then gave this long explanation of wanting to go on a diet and all that.. YES! VERY LONG EXPLANATION (look at the extent she wanted to hide something and lie to me!!!!) K*****!!! Tadi buat ayat kesian as if I didn't think she was important enough, then cakap nak diet.. mangkuk tul!

Then she went on saying she wanted to skip her meals so she could lose weight and this made me worried as she had earlier said that she hadn't eaten and I was quite worried as I know the dangers of dieting by skipping meals all together so I told her, you have to eat, at least for your health so I said, I'll call her when F arrives AND she said 'ok'.

As F arrived, I found W missing. Since I was already worried+annoyed with her antics of making me feel guilty, I called her but she didn't pick up the phone and I KNOW she didn't leave her phone as it was with her the whole time. Then I smsed her, still no reply. I was already hungry, bothered and annoyed but in wanting to prove that I'm not THAT heartless, I went up to find her.. right up three flights of stairs!!!

And would you believe it, after I was red in the face, sweaty and more annoyed then ever, only DID she say, she had actually changed her mind coz she had wanted to go eat with someone else.. WHAT THE #$%@&...? So you should lie la? Bongok.. why don't you just tell the truth so I wouldn't have to be bothered by your remarks haaaa, mangkuk? Now, because you said all those things, not only have I lost some precious time I could use for eating, I waste my time feeling worried you'd get sick coz you didn't wanna eat, I tire myself by searching all over the school for you while you pretend to not notice my call when your phone was with you?

And yeah, I was mad.. not only because she lied to me and made me feel guilty for kunun² not being concerned enough of her, but also because I'd like to scream in her face, "What the hell was the reason for the lie?" Because you think I'm ape? Because you pretend you know everything la kan when none of us told you ANYTHING, and you are assuming ntahapehape, right? Haaaaaaaaah..? Klau you don't think anything of me, you won't lie but now I'm rather thinking that the 'rumour spreader' for the upper floors was not only Mr L but also you, as F had said, YOU HAVE POTENTIAL!! The differance is: L is brave enough to even say things in my face, which reminds me why I didn't quite like him months ago, but you're the coward who just assumes you know everything, huh? You two guys should be locked up together you know!

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