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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Two days ago, after going to Baizurah's wedding, I had actually looked forward for a meal in McDs haha, its been too long since I ate there. However, since I couldn't get back earlier, I had to miss the McDs but then decided to go to Abah's place.

Calling Abah before hand, I found out that Abah had gone to Kelantan and only Umi and Annisa were there.. however, I made up my mind to just go there anyway..

Arriving there, I was greeted by Abah's students, FIVE of them.. and all asking if I was Izati (huh?). Then when I went inside, Umi and Annisa were there to greet me. Annisa came smiling, offering me her chocolate chip cookies and before long, Umi left us two sister to play (haha.. 27-year-old pun bleh 'play' ke?)

Annisa, though already two years old, couldn't actually speak. She's still talking all those gibberish stuff that I always reply it: her way.

Then, I suddenly asked her.. "Annisa, ni sape?" , while pointing to myself..

She was quiet for a while.. but suddenly said, "..Yong!"

Haaaa.. she knows what to call me, and she could say it finally!!

..and I was smiling throughout the remainder of the day :) :) :)

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